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Last night was my last night of antibiotics, and I feel so much better! It’s a lovely day today, and I can breathe without coughing or running for a tissue. I feel like my brain, and my whole head in general has come out of a fog. It’s lovely.

This morning Silje and I took all of the orange-red tomatoes and the rest of the peppers out of the garden that probably should have been done a few nights back when we had a frost warning. O well, they made it.

The “test” pumpkin that we tried out not that long ago tasted delicious, but had some green near the rind still when we cut it open, so I knew there was no rush to get them out of the garden quite yet. Plus, I think they taste much better when all the leaves of the vine have withered. Most of the leaves today were brown, and it finally allowed for viewing exactly how many pie pumpkins we have. So I attempted a count. Now, I don’t really consider it accurate until we actually get them off a vine, and put them in a pile, in my opinion, but just walking around and counting them, I got as high as 82. It’s possible I counted a few twice, but I’m lean more on the side that I might have missed a few, as I didn’t get walk too close to where the vine took over the green beans and broccoli plants, and there could be some more hiding over there.

So we pulled 4 out today, and they’ll be roasting in the oven and then pureed and frozen. I’ll be doing that every day here for awhile. I intend on freezing a bunch this year, and won’t give them all away, but there’s no way I can deal with that many. I’ve heard from my OB’s wife that he loves pumpkin muffins, and if I brought a few pumpkins to my next appointment, they would be dearly loved, so a few will go there. Knut’s supposed to tell the other guys on the farm that they can take some home, and if no one else claims some, there may be a “help yourself” pile at church in a few weeks. There’s no rush to get them off the vine, but I’m hoping to see how much I can process in the next 2-3 weeks.

Anyway, my kitchen is starting to get caught up since I was sick, my laundry is not. I hate catching up on laundry.

I got an email reminder today that I’m now at 30 weeks. I totally flipped out, because my babies have thus far been born at 40, 37 and 36 weeks. 30 weeks means we’re getting close! My goal/expectation this time is 38 weeks. I’d like to carry this baby as long as I possibly can, and wouldn’t mind making it to 40 weeks or even overdue. However, I have my mind set that I don’t want to go before 38. I will not permit it. We’ll see if she agrees. With the trend I’ve been having, that may prove difficult, as each pregnancy has ended earlier. However my mom encouraged me that in the past it was my boys who came early, and my other girl made it to 40 weeks. Since we’re having another girl, I wonder if she’s right.

So in my frenzy of “what do you mean I’m 30 weeks?!?!” I finally went through my baby clothes, and got all of the 0-3 month clothes all set, and went through and saw how many newborn cloth diapers I had. That was humorous. The newborn diapers were the first diapers that I made, and I made them when I was pregnant with Elias. They’ll work PERFECTLY fine, but it just made me laugh to see how far my sewing has come in these last 2 years! They look awful! The stitching is awful, the snaps are so off, and the snap in inserts! Don’t get me started! Since they’re only use is to be peed and pooped on, I will not be replacing them, but it did make me smile.

Going through the clothes I weeded through what I had when Silje was born, and just as I expected, I have lots of cozy sleepers, but few long sleeved onesies or pants. The summer girl lived in thin cotton summer dresses or ruffly tops and just bloomers on her bottom. I have some sweaters, and am making more, but I think I might splurge and get a couple cute long sleeved outfits. Knowing me, she’ll live in sleepers the first few weeks anyway. Sleepers are so cozy and simple those first few weeks! With my first child, I was very excited to get her dressed in a cute outfit every morning. With each consecutive one, I’ve been content to have them cozy and swaddled tight in a sleeper most of the day. They just looked more comfortable that way, and it made diaper changes so fast.

Since I was already in the girls’ closet, I went through Silje’s “big box” and pulled out all of her warm clothes. I’ll admit, 95% of clothes my kids have are either hand-me-downs or something I bought the previous year off of the 75% off rack at Target. (RARELY I buy off of the 50% off rack…if it’s too cute to pass up.) So I put away all her little shorts and tank tops, and set out all of her sweaters and pants and long sleeved shirts, and warm p.j.s and left them for her to go through, fold and organize. (It’s awesome that she’s old enough to do that last part for me!)

About half of them still had the $2.48 tag on them, and the other half were hand-me-downs and when she saw the pile she went crazy about this new wardrobe and I sat on her bed and watched her fold and organize them with extreme delight. It was “O! I’m going to wear this shirt tomorrow!” “This will go perfect with this!” “No, wait, I’m going to wear this one tomorrow!” I think she has now until Christmas planned out outfit-wise. I remember those days when my mom would go through my “big box” and I got a whole new wardrobe. It was like Christmas. It was so much fun. I know one of these days we’ll need to use things like dressing rooms, and she’ll actually be the one picking out the clothes to buy. Right now, though, our system works.

So the girls are ready for the cold weather, although we are not complaining one bit about this “heat wave” that seems to have hit us this harvest season. We wear long sleeves and pants, but you don’t even really need a sweatshirt!

I REALLY need to go through the boys’ clothes though, and weed out what doesn’t fit/summery things, and replace them with clothes that fit and are warm. This is so much trickier to do, though, because that means I need to be working in their room, and if I’m in their room, Elias can’t be sleeping in it. I he’s not sleeping, he’s awake, and when he’s awake, he’s not exactly as helpful as Silje was today. While writing this, it just dawned on me that I could have him take a nap in the pack ‘n’ play in my room one afternoon. Hmmm…I think that may work.

That was my morning and afternoon (besides school of course…but more on that on Friday). It was fun sharing with you, but now it’s back to work.


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    I know the panic feeling. Because Bella was an emergency C-section, and I’m delivering at the local hospital, this one will be a C as well. We’ve set the date (Nov 17), and even though I know that I’ve never made it to 39 weeks, that was my goal. Now they’re talking about the end of October, due to size…that’s 3 weeks away! I’m cleaning and washing baby clothes like crazy! Good luck with all your work!

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