Happy Birthday David!

Dear David,

Today you turn 5. I remember the day you were born. Nothing about you was by the book. What I remember most about your birth is arguing with the nurse on whether or not you were coming out. I was just checked, and since I was only “at a 5″ they gave me an epidural. It wasn’t 30 minutes later when they were finishing up the procedure, and I was to wait for the pain meds to kick in when I knew you were coming. The nurse said it was just the pain talking, and I needed to calm down. I told her it wasn’t the pain talking, and she needed to get the doctor now. After a minute of arguing, I told her I was just going to push you out whether or not she would let me. So she conceded to checking me, and when she did her eyes got huge and she bolted from the room to get the doctor. When they checked me earlier and I was at a 5, they were not expecting that I would be holding you in my arms 45 minutes later. About 10 minutes after you were born, the pain meds for the labor kicked in.

Your love of speed has followed you to this point.

You could not have been more opposite than your sister who did everything by the book. When you were born we thought we were so smart and knew everything there was to know about babies. You changed everything.

You two did everything together all the time!

Before we got out of bed this morning, your daddy and I were just talking about how much we love you. We love how you’ve started to go out of your way to look after and read to your little brother.

We love how you have so many questions. We love your inventions. We love how you do puzzles over and over and over again. We love how much you love to snuggle with us. Most of all, though, we’re so excited to see your life unfold and see God’s plan for you revealed. Watching you grow up is like having a front seat to an amazing show that God is putting on.


Just for fun, here’s a repeat of David explaining what aliens look like from a few weeks ago, and telling about cars as well. Although, it doesn’t beat my all time favorite video of him, which can be found here.

Happy Birthday, David. We love you so much!


  1. Mom says

    Happy Birthday David! Grammy and Papa love you so much. I hope you have a great party and enjoy your presents and your macaroni and cheese!

  2. says

    Happy birthday David!

    On a related note, I asked James if he remembered where he was 5 years ago this morning. He thought for a minute, then realized what I was looking at on the computer, and laughed. “Yup, I was watching Silje while you took Gretchen to the hospital!” My, how time flies! Miss you guys lots!

  3. says

    Penny- it was a rainy morning wasn’t it? You guys saved me more than one time that fall if I remember right! That car accident I had a few weeks later? You took me and the kids home and James stayed with my car and dealt with the tow truck and had it sent to a mechanic and everything. Knut’s commute kept him away from all emergencies! Man, I miss you guys!

  4. says

    I don’t remember rain, but it was a grey, icky morning, so it very well could have been. We miss you too, if for no other reason than you made us feel useful! 😉 (Don’t forget being passed out on my couch from the wisdom teeth too!) You more than paid us back with your friendship, and even introduced us into going back to church, which, for growing up Catholic, is sometimes funny to find myself Lutheran now.

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