Homeschool Friday

OK, today will be quick and short because I just have so much to do. Besides being one day behind due to the business of David’s birthday on Monday, homeschooling went just great this week. As Monday got busier and busier, I finally just scrapped the whole idea of trying to squeeze school in and declared it a holiday. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll just catch up gradually, which hasn’t happened yet, if we’ll just do school on Saturday, or if I’ll just add that day onto the year, making the year one day longer. Regardless, I think we’ll be just fine.

Silje learned a bit about butterflies, and that was the theme of the books we picked up from the library this week. I’ve also started printing off some free coloring sheets and cross word puzzles that line up with our Bible lessons, so she has a lot more things to do in the day as far as worksheets, and she really likes it that way. She loves worksheets!

In grammar, she learned a new concept of complete subjects and complete predicates, which was kinda tricky for her to pick up at first. Once she focused and put her mind to it, though, she became a pro at labeling them.

She still produces perfect worksheets in Math consistently, as far as getting the answers right, but her handwriting always goes out the window in this subject for one reason. I’m still trying to figure out why, and how to fix that. Her handwriting is beautiful in other subjects, but in math she’ll have letters turned backwards, lowercase ‘j’ starting at the very top of the line, e’s that lay sideways. I’ve been making her redo that part, and do it right but I have yet to have her stop doing it in the first place.

We picked up some new readers at the library this time, so after she finishes the Sonlight reader that she should finish today we’ll be venturing away from the assigned Sonlight readers for a month or so, since that’s how far ahead she is. In the mean time I think I’m going to have her go through some Ramona Quimby books.

We finished up our geography unit on how different people live all over the world. Up until now we’ve talked about different types of houses, different types of clothing, languages, beliefs, etc. It was just an introduction, and we’ll be covering these things more in depth throughout the year, but the Sonlight curriculum has us adding in some more history now, and we’re going to start studying some ancient history. This year we should cover creation through the fall of the Roman Empire. Sonlight follows the “Charlotte Mason” teaching philosophy (one interpretation of classical education) where you start teaching history at the very beginning, as opposed to what most public schools do with starting to teach about your city, your state, your country and than your world. With the Charlotte Mason philosophy, by the time you get to studying America, there is a strong foundation of why America was so significant in history.

As far as David goes, I’ve been trying to push him outside and enjoy this nice weather of ours as much as I can. He’s been working night and day on the legos and puzzles that he got for his birthday. Elias has been gradually turning from “cutie” to “stinker” and I’m going to have to figure out how to occupy him better in the coming months. For now, though, all is well.


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