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Well, knitting hasn’t gone at the speed it did pre-baby, but it hasn’t halted altogether, so I’m grateful for that.  I find that once again, knitting has become a coping mechanism for when I feel flustered and in need of some brain sorting-out.  There’s something about the rhythm of each stitch that I would imagine is similar to what runners feel on a treadmill, and how it just clears out your brain.  I’m not a runner, (or at least not anymore) but knitting is that sort of thing right now.  Except I don’t get the exercise.  On the up side, it’s not acceptable to stop running and have a chocolate break, but it’s perfectly acceptable to do so when you are knitting.  So it’s like double-ly therapeutic.

Knut’s mittens.  There’s still here, and unfortunately didn’t get done for Christmas.  I still feel bad about that.  I finished the lining for one of them, and he tried on the completed mitten, and said he was worried the finished project was way too warm of a mitten, and his hands would sweat in them too much, and he wasn’t sure they’d get much use.  That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate his honesty, so that I can do whatever can be done before it’s finished.

The solution I came up with is ripping out the lining, and having it completely unattached to the outer mitten.  In other words, the lining is just going to be a matching set of mittens that he can wear with the outer set on cold days, and on warmer days he can wear just the lining, or just the outer part on their own.  Knut felt really bad watching me rip out the attached lining, but I told him there was no colorwork involved, and it was mostly just plain stockinette stitch, so I should recover the work in not too long at all.

I have only been working on the mitten, though, when he’s right next to me so that I can hold the lining up to his hand every so often.  I’m not taking any more chances of having to rip out any more parts of this project.

So when Knut isn’t by me, I’ve pulled out my “Post” cardigan, as I’ve started calling it.  It’s my indulgent sweater that I started designing just before Ingrid was born, and I bought Eco-Duo yarn as my “reward” for the success of the Clarity Cardigan pattern.  With the body and sleeves all done, I’m now working on the collar, and once that is done, I just need the pockets and buttons.  It’s near done, but I haven’t even begun collecting all of my notes for the pattern writing yet, so it could be a good month or two before the pattern is ready for publication.

And for reading?  Well, I’m working on that.  That part of my life should come back soon.  At least I hope so.

Linking up with Ginny again for her Yarn Along.  Stop over there if you like, and see what others are knitting and reading this week.  There’s some great inspiration out there!


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