Happy New Year

I’ve been in high vacation mode lately, thanks to Knut being home.  5 kids hasn’t truly felt like 5 kids because there has been another adult in the house.  Really, I was thinking adding another one to our brood would be a huge adjustment, but really it feels totally normal.  It must have been the easiest transition of having another baby that we’ve ever had.

Not that it’s been totally easy.  Well, Ingrid as a whole is a very easy baby so far.  All of the kids have welcomed her with open arms.  Well, more like grabbing her and smothering her with kisses while Knut and I say just below a shout “gentle!”

I’ve still had to go through what we’ve dubbed “the hormonal flush” where I seem to cry without hesitation over both happy and sad things for about a month.  I hate being so close to tears all the time.  I’ve been good and taking my prenatals still, and adding some Vitamin B complex since that has helped in the past.  Still, I’m teary, and that makes me feel weak, and I just hate feeling weak.  I know I only have a few more weeks to go and this will be over.  At least, that’s how it’s always worked in the past.

5 kids.  It’s been so natural, and so normal.  I love it.  Knut has been taking the older 2 out skiing a bunch.  All 3 of them are more than eager to catch up from last year’s snow drought.  David especially spends about 2 hours a day skiing now.  I get the impression from Knut that he’s more than ready to compete, and he’s been discussing with some ski coaches and people who know what they’re doing some training ideas for our little boy.  I think there are a few people watching his progress out there with an eager eye.  It seems to me that some of them are more than eager for David to be old enough to join the ski team.

The only thing about 5 kids that terrifies me is going into town by myself with all 5.  I have not attempted this should-be-Olympic-event, and honestly, I’m planning on doing all of my grocery shopping from now on when they are in bed and Knut is home.  I know that plan can’t last forever, but I just don’t feel ready for it!

Silje made cupcakes for us last night, and we ended up joining a New Year’s Eve party for our church, hosted by Knut’s parents.  We played Bunco, a game that seemed to totally confuse the men, which was funny.  It must have been too simple for them.

Knut’s spending his last little bit of Christmas break working on his Sunday School curriculum for this next year.  He’s been asked to teach the adult study again this year, and he’s chosen to go over some classic writings of church fathers.  I’ve always enjoyed going to his lessons, and am a bit bummed that I’m teaching the middle elementary class and will miss it.  I look forward to getting together with my students again, though.  I have yet to get over seeing a child hear a good Bible story for the first time.  Everything for them is new, and it’s so much fun to see lightbulbs go off.

I’ve been using this down time with Knut around to work on my homeschooling preparation as well.  I was a little disappointed in what we got done this last semester.  It was satisfactory, I suppose, but I was disappointed nonetheless.  So I spent a whole day and got lesson plans for the whole month of January worked out, and got daily assignments for Silje and David all written in their notebooks for the whole month.  That way, if I have an off day from a bad night, the prep work is still ready for the kids and they won’t have any excuse to not getting their work done.  I feel so good having that done.

What I’m most excited about for this month, though, is my sister is coming to visit next week.  This was the first time my parents didn’t come to help out after we had a baby, and that was per our request.  I felt bad asking them not to come, but I’ve come to realize that my kids get SO excited for them to come, and my parents are so eager to have a good time with the kids, that when they’re here, it’s often more rowdy and crazy than when it’s just us.  The grown ups stay up late playing games when they’re here, and my mom is a grandma who has a tough time saying “no” to her grandkids who she only sees twice a year.  You understand.  I just didn’t know if I was up for it.  So the plan is for us to go see them sometime before spring planting.

However, my parents were determined to be a blessing to us, and so in their place, they’re sending my sister up by herself to just be with me for a few days.  My sister hasn’t been able to visit us in about 8 years, and we only see her when we go visit all of my family in Arizona every year.  I’m so excited to have her all to myself.  Well, I’m sure my kids will want to share her a bit, but I don’t intend to share her much.

I know she wants to help as much as she can when she’s here, so I have plans to go through my closet and get rid of all the clothes I never wear while she’s here.  We may even reorganize the back hallway coat/shoe closet.  I know…exciting times!  Well…at least I am excited!


  1. Lori Ann says

    Happy 2013 to you and your beautiful family! Thanks for sharing on your blog – it is fun to check into every day!

  2. Mom says

    I know you’re going to have a great time with Heidi. She is excited, too. Nothing pleases a mother more than having her children enjoy spending time with each other! Glad everything is going well!

  3. says

    My husband and I were in your area yesterday and he really considered driving out to your place for a visit. I told him I didn’t think it would be such a great idea just dropping in unannounced like that. So you’ll have to tell your husband hello from his old schoolmate, Nate R., who wanted to come see him but who’s wife just wouldn’t let him intrude on the very-new family of 7. :-)

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