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It’s been a bit crazy since I got back from the quilting retreat, but that’s to be expected, I guess.  I missed my cleaning day on Saturday.  Knut had a lot of fun stuff planned with the kids, and I like that.  I just didn’t get most of my cleaning done and I’m feeling behind.  Plus I haven’t even made the halfway point of unpacking.  Then in one tangent I emptied out one of the upstairs closet in hopes of getting rid of stuff we never use.  So there’s unwanted stuff scattered everywhere up there.  You know how it goes.

I’ve heard lots and lots about this Quince & Co. yarn, so I ordered some to try it out on a sweater pattern in my head.  So far the furthest I’ve gotten was winding one of them up.  They are some nice eye candy, though.  If I could I’d decorate my whole house in yarn, I would.  Knut would probably say I already do with projects everywhere.

I know I have 2 patterns that have a completed sample, and I just need to finish the writing.  Well, the “Ginger Cardigan” is almost done except the pattern grading, and tech editing.  I didn’t get it off to the editor before my retreat as planned.  I didn’t work on it at the retreat either because I was feeling rebellious.  I felt like doing whatever I wanted to do at the moment.  I figured it wasn’t a retreat if I was just working there.

My tech editor is going on Spring break, so the earliest the Ginger Cardigan pattern will be released is the end of this month.  So in the mean time, I’ve finished up this little, easy pattern as shown above.  I just need to pick up some buttons at the yarn shop this week, sew them on, take some pictures, and this will be a free pattern I’ll put on here most likely within the week.  Just for fun.

The whole project was just for fun…much like the Clara Cowl was.  I just finished up a huge marathon project of an adult sweater in fingering weight yarn.  I needed something quick and easy and fun.  I came up with this.  Since it’s a very uncomplicated pattern, and took me very little time to write, I’ll put it up for free.  I’m calling it the “Tsu Wrap” and it’s sort of a capelet/shawl/poncho/cowl thingy, depending how you wear it.

I haven’t been reading anything besides homeschool catalogs that are flooding in.  It must be April.  I’m spending most of my time looking at Sonlight, and Classical Conversations.  I haven’t seen my Timberdoodle catalog yet.  I always love that one too.  Next year’s plans are slowly coming together.  I’m forming my wish lists, but I haven’t added the cost of my wish lists up yet.  So we’ll see.

Thanks to Ginny for hosting the yarn along.  Her blog is one of my favorites.  By far.


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    I’ve wanted to try the Quince & Co. yarn for awhile now too but haven’t gotten around to it. Soon, soon.

    I love the colors of both of the yarns you shared.

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    goodness you’re talented! i have never yet knit with quince & co. but one day i absolutely vow to. it looks just gorgeous! xo

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    When you say the pattern will be released does this mean we will be able to purchase it? I do love you ginger cardigan and would love to knit it. :)

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    I just visited the Q website…and the yarn isn’t that expensive for American wool and spun in Maine…very nice! I like buying local stuff, even if it just means in this country, because so much stuff is from overseas…
    You are quite a talented knitter. I look forward to seeing what you are working on next week. Have a wonderful Easter!!!

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    Oh the cardigan is beautiful as is that Quince yarn. I’ve used Sonlight for years (not everything, just parts). Such wonderful books. Right now we’re using Beautiful Feet Books and I like it very much. Such a busy time of year – still homeschooling yet itchy to begin planning next year’s stuff.

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    I found myself nodding throughout your post…
    I want some Quince & Co. yarn, I love the new almost project you’ve showed, and the Sonlight catalog is so fun!

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