After I wrote my post about not being ready, I started mapping out the garden for this year.  Then I bought some flower seeds.  I couldn’t help myself, then I bought some new perennials as well.

Last night Knut helped me get my new purchases, as well as the lingonberries from my brother into the ground.  We researched a lot where the lingonberries should go.  We decided to put it where some tulips and hostas were alongside the summer kitchen.  The hostas were thriving there, but the tulips…not so much.  The hostas were moved to a shady spot next to the dog house, and the tulips were moved to a sunny spot of our yard that borders the county road.

It felt good to get in the ground.  Honestly, it felt so good.  We had cleaned out the wood chips on the bottom of the chicken coop, so for certain plants (the berries especially) got some “special” mulch from our gold source there.  We’ll see how that works. 

 Everyone in the family has been spending more time outside lately.

Silje and David have been spending time exploring the woods by themselves.  We’ve given them some strict rules, but we really wanted them to explore some beauty back there before all the bugs hatch.  Silje especially has been loving the back woods.  She tells me about every tree.

 They both loved finding their dad’s old fort from when he was a boy.  We told them not to touch it.  Seriously, the thing is not safe right now.  I hope sometime that can be another project added to Knut’s list.  I know it is.

I’ve found this daily dose of fresh air has been so good for us.  Whenever anyone wants a break, the walk is right there waiting for us.  Knut would say it never left this winter.  I would say it’s not so simple in the winter.  The number of layers required for a winter walk, and the number of people needing those numbers of layers overwhelms any mom, I think.  It’s nice to just hop outside, do some work, and come right back without all the fuss.  I’m not a big fan of fuss.

I think Spring fever has finally hit.


  1. Mom says

    No kidding! And it’s good to dig in the ground too. Very therapeutic! I LOVE the pictures of Solveig. What a darling!

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