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Welcome to the mid-week-what-I-am-in-the-middle-of-doing post.  WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday?  Yup.  All of that.  More importantly, welcome to the Yarn Along.  If you enjoy seeing what others are in the middle of projects and love being inspired as much as sitting down with a cup of coffee with a good friend and chatting the afternoon away, then head over to Ginny’s blog to see who else is participating in the Yarn Along.

I know…I know.  I said last week that I was bitten by the sewing bug and had no idea what I would post this week BUT then I found a new pattern.  It’s called the “Molly Bubble Romper” by Elizabeth Daugherity.  It was all I needed to whip through one and a half projects.  I mean, how could you resist a little romper like this:

It has all my favorite kinds of features in the pattern: fast knit, one piece, knit top down, and in the round.  The author of this pattern allows people to sell from the pattern, and so I decided to use some worsted wool on hand to whip up a few for my store.  The first one is size 6-12 months and took me 3 days.  Not even kidding.
Day 1- cast on, knit a few inches into “bubble”
Day 2- finish “bubble” including short rows
Day 3-finish leg cuffs and button bands.  Weave in all ends, embroider flower, sew on buttons, and make I-cord.

The button in the middle of the flower was purely an accident and not from the plan in my head.  I set the buttons for the gusset down, and as I was sewing them on one by one, the last one just happened to be in the middle of the flower.  I gasped because I thought it was exactly where it should go, and fortunately I had another button for it.  Knut commented how cute he thought it was, and looked at bit surprised that I said it was going in the store.  He doesn’t normally do that, so I think he really liked it.

On Day 3, I even had time left to cast on a second romper, this time in size 3-6 months.  I’m using yarn left over from sock monkey longies made last year for Nerdy Gerdy Boutique.  Although I hope that this will have more of an air of sophistication to it, while still matching any cute sock monkey things.  I’m planning on making a large crocheted flower to go on the red band at the waist, and perhaps another one attached to a barrette (the kind that goes on little baby headbands or in hair).  This will go in my store too…possibly by the end of the week with the other one.

As for my reading, I was planning on showing off some more books I got for my birthday, but I’ll postpone that until next week, when I’ve actually had time to go over them.  I finally got “The Well-Trained Mind” from the library, and it really is interesting and inspiring as far as the classical approach to schooling.  I wish it weren’t so big!  It will take me forever to get through, but I haven’t found a page on it yet that I don’t like, so I’ll just have to continue reading it through.  I’m wondering if I’d like this book as part of my permanent library.  We’ll see.  For now, it’s been a great read.


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    Oh, my goodness! Adorable!

    Hmmmmm, I just happen to be expecting a baby girl this August … I’m certain now that she needs at least one of these, don’t you think? :-)

    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Best wishes!

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    Here from yarn along…love the romper, wish my little girl would still wear rompers but since she’s almost 10 she won’t wear anything I’d like to wear and won’t wear anything mama-knit! We school with the well-trained mind as our guide. It is a great book.

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