Being Quiet

Me: “David…Elias and Solveig are taking their naps.  Silje was up early to watch the wedding, so she needs a rest time too.  I need to you be very quiet for a little bit.”
 David: “You need me to be really quiet?”
Me: “Yes.”
David: “So everyone can sleep?”
Me: “Yes.”
David: “Can I talk at all?”
Me: “No.”
David: “Not even a little bit?”
Me: “No.”
David: “Am I being quiet now?”
Me: “No.”
David: “I need to be quieter?”
Me: “Yes.”
David: “Because people are trying to sleep?”
Me: “Yes.”
David: “It’s good to be quiet?”
Me: “Yes.  David?”
David: “What?”
Me: “Be. quiet.”
David: “Ok, Mommy.  I’ll be quiet.”
David: “I’ll let everyone sleep.”
David: “I won’t make a sound.”
David: “I’ll be really quiet like this.”
David: “I’ll try not to crash my race cars really loud.”
Me: “David?  Be quiet.  Now.  That means no talking.”
David: “No talking at all?”
David: “Are you happy that I’m such a good boy for being so quiet?”
Me: “David, I don’t want to hear another sound.”
David: “I love you so much, Mommy.”

I’m not making this up.  He’s genuinely trying his best.

Which brings me to my third cup of coffee…


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