Wait a minute…where’s the boxes?

Knut and I just realized that this is our first April in about 4 years that we have not moved. It’s the second spring in our almost 7 year marriage not to have moved. We’ve moved a lot! When we were married we moved into married housing at the college. A year after that we graduated and moved into a little apartment in the cities. A year after that I was about to give birth to Silje, and we decided to buy a little townhome. We lived there 2 years before we decided to move back to the farm. Our first rental on the farm was a really old white house. It was more in need of repair than we were hoping, and when our year lease was up, and a charming house across the street from us was vacant at the same cost, we decided to move the 100 yeards. A year after that, we packed up everything again and moved into the farm house that Knut grew up in. That was a year ago now, and we’re happy not not be moving!

Now I suppose since I’m not going through all of our belongings and cleaning the house from top to bottom in a move, I’ll have to start a new tradition of “Spring Cleaning.” I think we can do it. We’ve basically done that every year…we just called it “moving.”

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