Spring Projects!

I’ve finished 2 of Silje’s summer dresses this last week. I have the purple one and the big pink flower one done, and just have the red and white polka dot/cherry one left. Silje wanted to model them for you:

With spring in the air, we have zinnias on our porch…waiting for some good weather.

Although this is what it looked like earlier this week, about a few feet from the seedlings. Here’s a view of our screen/glass door and the huge snow drift outside.

And here’s my lovely hubby shoveling snow…again.

But wait a minute, don’t we have some machinery around here who can do that faster?

You bet! This is a snow blower…farm style.

And here’s a picture of Silje making a snow angel on the front porch. Sorry for the screen shot.

David was too busy for the camera, but Silje was more than willing to smile for it.

And here’s our REALLY smiley guy. I’m serious when I say he is all out smiling 95% of the time that he’s awake. He’s also starting to stick out his tongue all the time. He thinks it’s funny.

And here’s my big boys, helping me out with another project. I’m going to write a verse in calligraphy on the wall by our back entry, and was trying to figure out how pencil in some really straight lines, and Knut comes to the rescue again. And where you look for Knut and his tools, you will find David. They are never far apart. I’ll have to remember to post this project when my part is done.


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