Spoiled by Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa’s house is perfectly situated next to a small lake.  Grandpa has mentioned it in years past, and this year he finally did it.  He drove his pick up out to the lake to plow off some snow and make an ice skating area.  Knut went out there for a bit to help him, and they even did a long track, or path to skate around.

We went out there for the morning on Friday, with the 2 men out there with our 4 oldest kids, and Ingrid and I snuggling up inside, and Grandma (unfortunately) at work.  Solveig got to walk on the ice for awhile, but then preferred to be pulled on the sled by Grandpa (who she considers her personal sweetheart).  Elias sled down the hill to the lake over and over, and Silje and David put on some skates and went for hours.

We have a small collection of skates in our possession.  Most of them are from garage sales in random sizes.  Both Silje and David wore skates that were a few sizes too big, but they didn’t seem to mind.  They worked.

Needless to say, skating is the kids’ new favorite activity!


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    ♥ what a beautiful landscape. I am so glad we got snow this year, enough to make snow critters (and one snowman)…go sledding and have a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight!

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