Serina Cardigan

I know I’ve been calling this cardigan both “Ginger” and “Serina.”  Serina was the original name, but the color yarn I was using was called “Ginger” and I thought that was cute too.  However, when I was publishing it, I did one last check to see how many other “Ginger Cardigans” there were.  There were about 5 other cardigan patterns by that name, and none by the name of “Serina.”  So I switched back last minute.  Hope that wasn’t too confusing.  😉

This project finally got done!  This is my first cardigan pattern and has so many “firsts” for me!  Earlier this week I got it back from the tech editor who gave me a few more things to polish it up (as always), and this week I was working on finishing all of the pattern details.  Last night I published it on Ravelry, and it’s available to anyone who wants it here, too.  Just click here:


A quick rundown of details:
This cardigan is worked using sock weight yarn from the top down, all in one piece with no seaming.  It has a very, very simple lace detailing in the back panel that is quite simple and repetitive to work.  The ribbed front edges and neck are picked up and knit after the body is complete.

I used Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn in the colorway ‘ginger’ and it was a delight to work with!  I will be using Madelinetosh yarns again, that’s for sure!  I may have to pick another project using this yarn soon, because this one is getting worn so much it’d probably be prudent to have a rotation going.


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    absolutely gorgeous! well done! and congrats on your first pattern. i’m so uber impressed! i love madelinetosh. i have to knit with it again. i’ve only knit with the pashmina once. and it was just one skein… hrmmmm i think this needs to be added to my stash… and i think your lovely pattern needs to be added to my que. xo

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