I’m Blessed

Last night I got back from a quilting retreat at one of my favorite places in the world.  I used to work at this camp, and I have yet to go on that land and not encounter God in some way.  I was spoiled rotten by the staff with amazing meals.  I got to spend time with friends.  I got to stay up as late as I wanted quilting, and got to sleep in as late as I wanted in the mornings.

I feel so refreshed.  I told Knut last night that this is the clearest I’ve felt my brain get in months.  I get to hit the ground running this morning, and I’m actually excited to get things on a roll.  I sorted and worked with about 6 years worth of sewing project scraps that need some serious organization.

I didn’t get any quilt done, but I completed about 40-8 1/2 inch quilt blocks, about a dozen cloth napkins, and a new hot pad for my kitchen.  I had some really neat conversations.  I came home with t-shirts for Silje and David for them to wear to their first day of camp this summer.  (They go to the same camp as well.)

So obviously, this week I feel blessed to have a husband who saw no problem with me taking off for the weekend…you know…since I haven’t done it in a couple years.  I’m blessed that everyone was fine when I got back.  (It was rough when I left, so I was glad to see everyone okay when I got back!)

O, and I’m blessed with 4 new babies:

My brother sent me 4 baby lingonberry bushes as a birthday gift.  I told him not to send them in March for my birthday, but to wait until the weather was warmer.  He said the nursery they came from had a computer that monitored my zip code, and when the computer said it was warm enough to plant, they were delivered via climate controlled train car over the Rockies to Chicago, and from there delivered overnight to us.

Fancy, smancy plants, I say.  They’re gorgeous.  We should have lingonberry jam in roughly 2 years…when we figure out where in our yard these babies belong.

If you want to participate this week in sharing how God has blessed your life this last week, please share!  Whether it’s material blessings, or a friend helping out just when needed, or just a message given in prayer.  God gives us blessings in so many forms and in so many ways, and I find there are some great stories surrounding them too.  So either leave a comment saying how God has blessed you, or leave a link to your blog post about how you have been blessed.  Be sure to leave a link in your post that people can follow back to this blog and see the big blessings list.


  1. Mom says

    Isn’t it just like Jeremy to have computer delivered plants? :) I’m glad you had a refreshing weekend! It’s so good to get the old batteries recharged! The quilting squares look beautiful and cozy!

  2. says

    Wow–lovely work! And how lovely to have been given the time in which to do it!
    I’ve never gone anywhere by myself in my whole life!!–maybe one day…

    This week I’ve been blessed to have had my resolve tested on an issue close to my heart. What the enemy intended to use to tear at my family God used for good, and it has drawn us closer to one another. I have been choosing to be joyful today and it has been a breath of fresh air to me and to my children–I can see it!

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