Solveig – 9 months

This last Sunday, our little Solveig turned 9 months.  I haven’t given a big update on her in awhile, so here it goes.  I don’t have recent measurements, so I’ll just stick to the important stuff.

Solveig is so smiley.  She loves laughing.  She loves moving .  This last week she started “cruising.”  (That means walking around furniture.)  She’s been crawling for ages, and has pulled up to a stand for awhile.  Here’s a recap of my kids’ walking schedule:

Silje-walked at 13 months.
David-walked at 13 months.
Elias-walked at 15 months.

Solveig-9 months and very close.  That’s coming out of left field, huh?

She’s also very chatty.  She loves to have “conversations” with people.

She still hates baby food of any kind: homemade and store bought.   However, she’s eating food that we eat all. the. time.  She loves Cheerios, noodles, ground beef, vegis, etc.  Like Elias was, if it’s on our plate, she’ll eat it.  We still have to be overly cautious about the size of the pieces we give her, and sometimes the pieces are so small we put them in her mouth for her.  She opens up like a little birdy being fed.  It’s so cute.  Then she pounds her tray until the next piece comes.

We can’t decide if she’s a mommy’s girl or daddy’s girl, because she loves being with both of us and can work us each pretty well.  We’re both smitten beyond comprehension.

She’s the doll of the family as the kids also love to dote on her.  She’ll probably be spoiled rotten, but we’re too blinded right now to see it.  Even Lena shadows her crawling everywhere, and lays down when Solveig stops to look at something, and gets up and follows her when she starts moving again.  I’m pretty sure that’s because Lena gets some good table scraps under the high chair.  She’s no dummy.

Baby proofing things is more difficult than I remember because the older kids undo things to get through, or open doors to the stairs and don’t close them.  They forget that doors are closed, gates are up, and cupboards are tied shut for a reason.  So we get the panicky rescues from time to time.

It’s been a sweet 9 months and has gone way, way too fast!


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