Christmas Peek

I thought I’d show you a little bit of Christmas, although not the gifts. 😉 I was thinking about what this little girl on the way would wear for Christmas, and whether or not the girls should be wearing matching dresses, etc. Well, Silje has about 3 Christmas dresses that people gave her for her birthday to choose from, so it seems kinda wasteful to make her another one.

Projects like this make me miss when Walmart used to have their $1/yard bin fabric, and I’m glad I stocked up when I did, although I’m really trying to be good about using up all of the fabric I have on hand before I allow myself any more.

So I didn’t have a pattern for a little 0-3 month dress. All of my patterns started at 6-12 months. However, I did have a pattern for a 0-3 month shirt, that I had used to make Elias a cute shirt to go with my first pair of knit longies (which I found the other day. Wow, that’s bad knitting! I suppose everyone has to start somewhere!) Anyway, I remembered that I really liked that pattern and it fit him so well. Although I had made the shirt in the preemie size, and it did not fit him for very long at all.

So in under 2 hours, this is what came out of my sewing room, using 1/2 yard of one of my $1/yd Walmart bin stash fabric:

I just used the shirt pattern that I loved, shortened it a bit and added a huge ruffle to the bottom. Voila, a dress. It’s red stretchy velvet, but not a fine velvet. More like sweatshirt fabric. It’s so soft and will be nice and warm I hope. I was guessing on the length of the skirt, so I hope it’s long enough to cover her tush.

Here it is washed out by a flash:

The original pattern also had cuffs on the sleeves, but I remember with Elias hating how the pattern had it with a chunky seam facing his wrists, so I thought I’d try to modify the pattern to have the seam facing a different direction and have a nicer finished look, but alas after fiddling around with it for awhile I realized these sleeves are so tiny that my idea wouldn’t work unless I sewed on the cuffs by hand. Since that didn’t sound appealing to me, I just folded over and sewed the sleeves and left the cuff off all together.

I like it, but am thinking it needs something. A sash around the waist, a knit poinsettia pin, or some cute Christmas-y tights. I’d love to make a sewn bonnet to go with it using the same fabric, but I don’t have a pattern that allows for knit fabrics like this and am a bit nervous about winging it. We’ll see how ambitious I get. If I had an embroidery machine, I’d make some bloomers underneath with some cute design on the butt. Oooo, you know what would be cool? One of those crocheted headbands with those obnoxiously large flowers that are so in vogue right now. I could get a large silk poinsettia and attach it to a crocheted headband. Perfect. I’ll add that to my list.


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