Random "boy" thoughts and stories

My boys are funny. They keep me laughing. My boys are huge snugglers. Silje was never really a snuggler, until she saw me snuggling with David, and then she decided to snuggle. She likes the competition.

Last night Elias got up at 11:30, and would scream if we ever dreamed putting him down. I changed his diaper, gave him a drink, gave him some medicine to compensate for his teeth coming in. I rocked him, walked with him, snuggled him. He was fine a long as I was holding him and standing up. Anything else and it was a bloody scream. Still, he’s an awesome snuggler. He gets his head right in the crook of my neck, and just breathes. He had a bath last night too, so he smelled sooo good.

He didn’t end up going back to sleep until after 2am, which was a bummer though, for me.

After the first hour or so, I took him downstairs so I could see him in the light and give his body a once over to see if anything was hurt. He went crazy for food in the kitchen. He had many frozen white chocolate chips…in the middle of the night. I know, but there is a place of desperation in the middle of the night that you will give your child anything to just make the screaming stop.

He’s been trying to drop his morning nap, and I think it’s throwing his whole system off.

David was bored yesterday, and needed something to do besides watch t.v. I noticed he had not played with his cars yet (his favorite past time). He still looked bored, and I said “Hey, I wonder if Doc Hudson and your Cheerios race car had a race, who would win?” (Doc Hudson is one of his cars from the “Cars” movie, and his Cheerios race car is another one of his favorites from a Cheerios box.)

He paused for a moment and said, “Mommy…they’re not real.”

But, it wasn’t 2 minutes later that I heard a yell come from the basement where is his race track rug is:

“Gentlemen! Start! Your! Engines!”

I love my boys. I mean, I love my girl like crazy too, but this is a post about my boys.

Elias does this thing now, that we started about a week or so ago. I was holding Elias in one hand, and Knut came over and gave me a kiss. After a moment, Elias put his hands firmly on my cheeks, turned my face to his, and pressed his lips to mine too. He was looking around and giggling the whole time, trying to figure out why we do this.

We tried it again the next day to see what he would do, and that time he grabbed Knut’s cheeks, turned his face to his and gave him a kiss…giggling the whole time.

He loves the whole kissing thing. That combined with his flirtation with any female in sight might be cause for worry in the future.

Both my boys have the sensory thing where they need a soft blanket by their face when they sleep. With Silje, she likes things that are beautiful. With the boys, they’re all about texture. Funny.

I was going to add more, but my boys are calling…


  1. Mom says

    Good post! The other day I was walking down the hall and Elias’s picture just seemed to jump out at me. I had to stop and just stare at those beautiful eyes. And David…well David is just David. Lovable and precocious all at the same time.

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