Finishing Up

Well, we’re getting down to the wire here. Knut has his big race on Saturday, and I have my grand opening on Monday. If I were to have thought it through more, I would have not planned it that way. I know nothing is making me open the store on Monday, but that’s the goal I set, and once I push something back once, it seems to have a tough time getting priority. So I’m sticking to it.

Yesterday was my last sewing/knitting day. Today I’m finishing the fussy work on all the wool knit items like sewing on buttons and weaving in loose ends. I hate this part of knitting, and I keep telling myself I’m going to finish the fussy work after I finish the item and BEFORE I start the next one, but here I am…sewing buttons on 6 wool wraps in a row.

So, I decided to take a break and blog. Because I’m a procrastinator.

I did one final wash of the diapers going up for sale yesterday, to insure that all of the holes put in the waterproof fabric from the sewing needle are sealed up, thus becoming waterproof again. This morning, as I was sorting through them, I noticed that several of them have bleed marks from my fabric marker (where I mark my snap placements.) It’s supposed to just wash out, and I’ve used it several times before and it’s always washed out just fine. I guess it knew I was selling these diapers, and therefore wanted to make it more difficult.

What’s worse, is some of the diapers mentioned were made with all organic fabrics. Not only is it expensive fabric, but it’s not like I can just bleach it out, you know? So today I’m working on using all natural stain removal methods to get the washable marker out of my brand new–been working on them for months diapers. I’ll admit…I’m nervous. Could use a prayer or two.

So I’m hoping to have all the items finished and picture ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m planning on taking pictures of everything for the website, and then finishing up my descriptions of each item. I probably should not have packed all the tedious things into 2 days, but that’s the way I planned it, and now it just has to get done.

Tomorrow night I’m packing bags, and Friday, we’re headed to Knut’s race. I’ll be blogging from there, I hope, and promise many good pictures of Knut in his professional looking racing suit, with bibs and all. (Did I mention that he was skiing at a lodge an hour or two from here a few days ago, and some Bengali guy was there and asked if Knut was a professional? Totally made his day.)

So Knut is already talking about other races he wants to do both this year and next year, and I’m already thinking of what I want to stock the store with next month. I’m thinking more aprons (I have some awesome fabrics that I’m dying to cut into for this), and if my bamboo fleece gets in, several more fitted diapers. The bamboo fleece I had shrunk much more than I thought it would in the pre-wash and I didn’t get nearly as many diapers from it then I had planned for.

It’s been a struggle for Knut and I to put our hobbies aside and get work done, but it does happen from time to time. He’s almost done with framing up the new window in the kitchen, and I’m still holding on to some of the housework. It’s not all getting done, but at least some of it is. That’s kinda good, right? Lena still gets her bath, the floor still gets swept. Bills are getting paid and dishes get done. I’m still making meals too, so that’s good. My family is thankful for that.

OK…enough rambling and procrastinating. Time to finish the tedious work.


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    Good that you got rid of the streaks! Nice to read your blog! I haven’t read a lot though, I’m tired because of a terrible flue. But I’v looked at some pictures … beautiful children! :-)

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