A Sweet Program

Our Silje loves to sing. Let’s face it, she is not shy, and loves a stage. She knew all the words, and you could hear her voice in the choir of angels without problem. I mean, look at the open mouth. We didn’t teach her that.

Here’s our angel (or is she a shepherd here too?) and shepherd. David did so well too. He came and sat with us in between songs, and I think he was supposed to stay with us, but he kept wanting to go back up for each song, and since he did so well up there, we let him.

They each had a line. Silje was “A is for Angel” and David was “S is for Savior”. They both did so well!

You could tell David was shy but proud to be standing up there.

Silje knew her jobs, and knew them well. She takes show-biz pretty seriously.


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