Elias Update

Do you know there is so much going on with this little guy that I can barely keep up with him?
He just got 2 more teeth the other day. They just snuck in! That brings him to a grand total of 8 teeth!

He says “mama” and “dada” and of course “baba” (his multi-purpose word) and likes to make any kind of noise in general.

He is on the move and has places to go. I’m finding it much more difficult to have a baby crawling in this house than our tiny little townhouse in the city where the other 2 learned to crawl. In this house, there is adventure at every turn. I chase after him a big portion of every day. He is learning the word “no” and obeys it about 80% of the time. I’d say that’s pretty good for almost being one.

Can you believe it? He’s almost one! Just a few weeks away, and he’ll get to smear chocolate cake all over his face.

He’s still the flirt of the family and coos and bats his eyes at any female within range. He’s got the cutest laugh too. He’s ticklish really anywhere on his torso, and especially so around his neck. If I were to describe his laugh it would be a “gut giggle.” It’s so cute!

He’s also able to sign a little bit. He’ll say “more” and he likes to clap. Whenever we try to get him to sign something, he just tries to say the word, though. I think he’s more like David that way. He just wants to skip to the real thing.

He prefers finger food to baby food. He just hates being fed, unless it’s something he can chew. If I cube up whatever we’re eating and lay it on his tray, he’ll make sure everything goes pretty close to his mouth. Lena, his faithful companion, has claimed her spot under the highchair during meals. Smart dog. It’s less to clean up for me, so I let her. Everybody’s happy that way.

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