I’m done. That’s it. No more.

We just came back from a relaxing time at the lake. I love the lake. I do. But you have to admit, we’ve crammed in an awful lot of “relaxing with family members” this summer. I was happy to spend some time with Knut’s family. We played Caton, and Rondi and I got to chat way more than we ever get to. Knut got to go fishing at midnight, and I guess it was just gorgeous out there. The weather was cool while we were there. Too cool for this kids to swim, but not too cool to be outside.

I just wish we could have had at least a week at home, by ourselves, before venturing on some more “relaxing.”

Last night before I went to bed, I walked around the house, and there wasn’t any room to just sit in. Our house is a mess where ever you turn. I’m so behind on just about everything. I can’t tell you how I attacked that mess when I got up this morning. I didn’t have breakfest for a full 2 hours because the cleaning just felt so good! I have no to do list today, which is so unlike me. I’m just picking things up and putting them away over and over again. I am proud to say, I have already found my kitchen and the back hallway.

I have also located and got rid of that strange smell in the kitchen when we got home. Speaking of smells, just when I got rid of the strange kitchen smell, I smelled poop. With my finely tuned “mom nose” I decided it was dog poop, but the problem was, I couldn’t find it for over an hour. I kept cleaning as I looked, but it was starting to drive me crazy. The kids finally found it, and I got rid of it, thank goodness! Our house is back to smelling good. We’ll open some windows, and bring in some roses from the garden, just to be on the safe side.

Knut and I couldn’t express enough how excited we are to be home, and back to normal life…after I finish unpacking. But, this month absolutley will not slow down. We just get to be busy at home now. In my mind, first and foremost, this is our last month before Silje heads off to school. (sniff, sniff) I want to do some fun things with her, and we’ll do some shopping together as well. Speaking of school, David really needs to get his preschool screening done too. He probably won’t go to preschool, but it’s good to find out if there’s anything we should focus our work on before kindergarten starts for him in 2 years.

And on Knut’s side of things, he might be more busy than me. Even though this is a slow month on the farm, because we don’t have wheat anymore and it’s normally the wheat harvest month, he’s been gone so much that he at least needs to go to work and do those odd little jobs so the other guys can take a break.

Plus, he’s hoping to install a new wood burning fireplace in our living room before harvest. Whoa what? That seems to be a big project, but he’s been doing his research. After seeing him build a house with his dad, I hardly doubt his capabilities. I’m looking forward to not being cooked out of our basement this winter, and enjoying our normally freezing living room as well. We’ve been talking about it since before we moved here. I guess I didn’t realize it was going to happen this year! Yeah!

And for those crafters out there, I know you see all the holiday fabric coming to the stores. It’s this time of year when those who do handmade holidays begin making their gifts. I am no exception, and I’m dying to go and start my list of handmade things this year. I don’t know when I’ll do it, but the desire to start is present in my brain at the same time as all the other things that need to get done.

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