2 month check up and new diapers!

Elias had his 2 month check up, finally today. He weighed in at 12 lbs and 22 inches long. He jumped from the 10th percentile to the 50th for weight (since his 2 week check up) but his height has stayed in the 10th percentile. We’ll see if he gets as tall as his dad, or doesn’t make it to 5 feet…like my Uncle Si. These are unadjusted numbers, meaning he’s being compared to other 2 month olds, although he should be only 1 month old…had he not come so early. He also got his first rounds of shots today. I’d say he’s handling them quite well, although he seems a little fussy tonight.

I finally finished his new set of diapers, which are one sized. That means they can be adjusted not only around his waist, but lengthwise as well. I got this pattern from one of the Divas on the Diaper sewing board. She owns a diaper pattern company called Little Comet Tails, and this is her “little one sized” diaper. I made them out of flannel, with fun patterns on the outside, and either light blue or brown on the inside; whatever matched the best. The soaker fabric on the inside is microfiber terry. It’s usually pretty expensive ($15/yard), but some Divas said that you can sometimes find really cheap microfiber terry on clearance in the automotive section of Walmart. A few months ago I checked and picked up a bunch that ended up being cheaper than the flannel! (only about $2/yd) This set of diapers should get him through toddlerhood…so you probably won’t have to put up with me posting diapers I’ve sewn for awhile!


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    wow, what FUN diapers, gretchen! are this AIO diapers, then? or are they just the covers, and do you still use prefolds inside? or are they just fitteds and you put covers over them?

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