About Us

I’m Gretchen, wife to Knut and mother of 4. We live in Knut’s childhood home, on the family farm. I love to write, have a strange obsession with sewing cloth diapers, and apparently homeschool our children now! I have a little boutique I sew and knit for named “Nerdy Gerdy” (a nickname my sister always loved to call me).

I’m a city girl by history, but a farm girl at heart. Though we are never perfect, we live by the grace of God, and hope that reflects here. With His help, we’re figuring out the path He has chosen for us, one step at a time.


This is Knut, with our oldest. He farms corn and soy beans with his family. He also loves to cross country ski, is a huge reader, and loves to work with his hands. He thinks this is his blog too, but you’ll only see him post for major family events. He’s my high school sweetheart and we have been married for 9 years.

Silje has creativity and imagination flowing from every part of her. She’s an amazing reader, and reads about anything she can get her hands on. At age 7, she’s the type of person to overhear something in a conversation, and then come ask either Knut or I “what’s embryonic stem cell research?” and will push until she fully understands. She loves to sing, dance and draw.

David is active and passionate. He plays outside every chance he gets and loves to cross country ski, ride bike, play baseball, and do really any other outdoor activity. If David does something, he does it at 150%. He knows no other way. He’s always full of questions, and is really into rockets and paper airplanes. He’s compassionate and competitive. He’s snuggly, and fast.

Elias, the messy-faced 2 year old, is the king of sound effects. He doesn’t have many words, but he gets his point across very well. When he’s not feeding Lena, the puppy, he’s trying to keep up with the “big kids.” He already knows how to charm the ladies, with a flirty smile that stops grandmas at the supermarket in their tracks. Knut calls him the class clown as he’s always making us laugh and is so silly.

Solveig is our new little baby girl born December 2010. She fills her day lounging around the house, eating whenever she likes, and taking naps. It’s a tough life, but somebody has to do it.

 Lena is our pooch.  She’s a black lab, German shepherd mix.  She fearlessly protects our yard from birds, and loves it when the kids play with her.