I’m Blessed

It’s been a rainy, productive weekend.
I was so blessed to have Knut home for most of the weekend.  He was working on cutting wood for most of the time, but for the most part, he was home when I needed him to be and remained so flexible.
I got to go grocery shopping all by myself, people.  It was like Christmas.  
I was blessed to hang out with my eldest daughter and mother in law while watching some classic “Anne of Green Gables” Sunday afternoon.  That was fun.  I got to knit while watching, and Silje worked on a cross stitch.  I’ll have to post pictures of how that’s coming along.  She’s really liking this craft!
On Saturday, I made some laundry detergent (happens every 5-6 months), stocked up on our next batch of vanilla (looks like the last time I had to make that was about 2+ years ago and we gifted a bunch of that batch), made a month’s worth of homemade granola, and then finished up my lovely kitchen time with doing a big batch of meatloaf.  (Hopefully all those links will prevent any “what’s your recipe?” questions!)  I got 5 meatloaves in the freezer, and baked one for supper, along with some steamed broccoli, and was brave enough to try some sweet potato fries again.  The last time I tried making sweet potato fries I failed miserably.  It was sort of pathetic.  This time they came out perfect.  I’m pretty sure it’s because my kitchen is painted, and gorgeous now.
(For those wondering, these wedges aren’t from a recipe.  I just fried them up in a bit of olive oil in the bottom of a skillet until they looked done, and then tossed them with a bit of salt and Italian seasoning in a bowl.  It didn’t take long.)
Knut got to spend some time with the kids just playing board games.  They had a blast.  It’s amazing what can get done when there’s an extra adult in the house, and there’s not random cupboard doors and paint cans laying all over the kitchen floor.  
I’m so thankful for my husband.  I’m thankful for the enthusiastic, little wave Ingrid gives me whenever I come into her sight, and for the bear hugs David gives me that are starting to knock the wind out of me, and for stitching time with my Silje.  
I’m thankful for a friend who dropped by chocolate chip cookies by my house, and I’m so grateful that the kids’ Easter basket candy is finally gone.  Uff da.  
I’m so thankful for my church, and how the people there minister to me week after week, and love my kids with such open arms.  I’m blessed with music.  I cannot imagine life without it.  
How has God blessed you lately?


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    Sounds wonderful! Now that you gave all those recipes, where do you source your vanilla beans from? And how did you make the sweet potato fries!? I’m confident that the new kitchen paint helped it all along!

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    Eagerly awaiting the day all our Easter candy is gone! I only allow them 2 pieces a day, so at that rate, it will be awhile yet! Maybe I should just let them sit down and eat it all at once. That way the temptation is gone, not only for them, but for me as well! :-)

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    I have tried to make sweet potato fries a few times with different recipes and haven’t had success yet. I will definitely try this one. :) Thank you for sharing all these wonderful recipes!

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