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I got to wind some more yarn as projects move along.  I’ve been frantically trying to finish a sleeve on my unnamed cardigan so I can have my size 7 double pointed needles back to work on Knut’s mittens for Christmas as he’s spending some extra time at work.  So this last week I finished a sleeve, and will now put this project aside for more responsible Christmas knitting.

It’s not exactly a surprise, but I’d thought I’d at least try to work on them when he wasn’t at home so the final reveal could be done for Christmas.  He told me which pattern he wanted, and all the modifications to the pattern he wanted.  (They were numerous.  I tried to explain to him he’s basically asking me to rewrite the pattern, but he thought I was up for the challenge.)

Since I’ve NEVER knit him anything before…ever, I wanted to totally spoil him, and I let him pick out some colors from Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, which is about the best yarn I could think of for him.  He’s been putting on the guilt pretty thick that I never knit for him.  It’s American-made wool, known for it’s strength, softness yet not too heavy.  This yarn has a very earthy, yet not scratchy feeling to it.  He picked out the colors: “Long Johns” and “Snowbound.”  He loved the names just as much as the colors, I think.

I’m using the Northman Mittens pattern as a base, which I’ve made several times before.  It’s an excellent pattern, and I highly recommend it.  Even though this pattern has multiple sizes including large man hands, we know they’re still not big enough for Knut because he tried on the ones I gifted to his brothers a few years ago, and knew he’d want them even bigger yet.  I joke he has ogre hands.  If you have seen them, you’d agree.

So the major modifications are going to be to make them longer by adding some extra pattern repeats, and add a ribbed cuff as well.  He also wants them “not so pointy” and I’m trying to figure out exactly how that’s going to work since he wants a round top, but still no interruption in the color work.  I keep telling him that I have no magic wand here, but he seems to think I can do whatever is in his head, which I’m not sure I understand 100%.  I may have to wing that part a bit.

In testing my gauge, I’m thinking I’ll have to add some width to the mitten as well, and am kinda extending the already established lines in the color work, but did require that I re-chart the whole pattern.

It’s a good thing I love him.

For reading, I have completed the second book of Kristin Lavransdatter, and have moved onto the third and last book.  I was unsure whether or not I should start the last book, as the baby will likely come before I’ll get a chance to finish it, and I doubt I’ll have much reading time once she comes.  However, I had nothing else nearby when I was soaking in the tub before bed, so I just kept going.

What do I want to read once I finish this book?  I’m leaning strongly towards reading it again, and picking up all the stuff I missed the first time.  I’m not sure I’ll part with these characters that easily.  I’ll probably pick up a non-fiction book too.  It’s good to rotate.

LInking up with Ginny…just like every other Wednesday that’s fun!  😉


  1. says

    I’m knitting Northman mittens for the second time. The pattern is amazing!

    The next pair I’m making is for one of my sons and he also didn’t care for the pointiness.

    I’m thinking of omitting the cross at the very top of the mittens and just doing decreases through those few final stitches. It won’t make for a round top mitten but will eliminate the most pointed part of them.

    Love your blog. I read every time you post. I hope the birth of your baby goes smoothly and want to wish a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. says

    I love the Northman Mittens! I made myself a pair last year and they’re my faves.
    You have to let your husband know how lucky he is that you’re altering the pattern!

  3. says

    If you look in the mitten book I sent back when you were pregnant with Solveig, I think you will find some rounded mittens that may help you figure out your pattern. :)
    My knitting project is much more elementary, but it feels good to have something rather mindless to work on…..I just wish I was more motivated in the evening to work on it.
    It might be time for a project night at my house again very soon.

  4. Mom says

    They are going to be beautiful. I also love the color combo. Crisp and wintery. I’m looking forward to the picture of them completed, although you may not be able to post it until after Christmas, since I know Knut reads your blog. :)

  5. says

    I love the colors for the mittens!!
    And I would say, it’s lovely that Knut has an opinion, because my fiance is totally unhelpful when it comes to me making something for him.

  6. says

    I’m not a knitter, but I wanted to share the book I just picked up from the library today. It has intrigued me for quite awhile so I joined the waiting list for it. It finally came and I’m so excited to go through it. It’s called “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker. I am always wanting to find ways to cut down on all our excess and clutter, so I’m hoping this author’s personal experience will be inspiring to me. If you’ve never heard of it, just do an Internet search and read a synopsis. It looks very interesting!

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