Sweet Solveig Joy

Happy Birthday Solveig Joy!  Can you believe our little one is turning 2 today?  I love this picture of her sweet little head.  I loved holding her sweet, round, fuzzy head.  She stole the heart of everyone in this house from the moment she entered it.
As I look back on this blog from when she was born 2 years ago.  So many things mirror this year.  I made a bunch of Northman mittens that year, and I’m making another pair this year.  Ha!  That’s funny that I mark the time by the knitting projects I was working on.  Another way I’m odd unique.

She was our baby after the miscarriage.  I think every part of her life, from the pregnancy to the birth, to sleepless nights, and endless days of carrying her has been something we’ve been acutely thankful for.

Waiting for Solveig to come was hard.  I remember that.  Since every pregnancy of mine was getting shorter and shorter, we had no clue that she would wait to come at 39 weeks.  It was before her due date, and she was still early!  How impatient are we?  We just didn’t expect her then.  That’s all.  We’ve finally learned the 5th time around to remove all expectations.  
I remember her birth.  It was my first planned natural birth, although not the first birth I did naturally.    It went so well, besides the problems that happened afterward.  Pain-wise I think it was my easiest.  With her being born 18 minutes after we got to the hospital, Knut and I still tell stories about it.  It’s like the fish story that keeps getting more exciting with each telling.  We’ve learned through all the telling, that perhaps I should communicate better in labor.  We’ve also learned that he needs to take my words very literally, though they sound calm.  Even though my method of dealing with the pain is to not admit it to myself, I should probably admit it to my husband somehow so he’s in the loop.  He was completely unaware pretty much that whole day.
It also reminds me that we are soon approaching the 2 year anniversary of Knut’s grandpa’s death. He died only days after she was born.  I still feel bad that it was my fault he never got to see her.  Knut wanted to bring her to the hospital where he was, and I was so tired that I asked to wait until the next day before we ventured out.  Unfortunately, his grandpa passed that night, and we missed our chance.  It still seems odd whenever we have the grandparents over for birthday parties, that I set out one less coffee cup.  We celebrated Solveig’s birthday last night with grandparents and great-grandparents.  I did set out a cup for him, and felt silly once I realized my mistake again.  He was always so sweet to me, and made me smile so easily.
Looking back at her 1st birthday, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since that awful bout of the stomach flu that hit us all at once that will live forever in our memory.  Knut and I still refer to that day as the worst day of our married life.  Neither he nor I had been so sick in our adulthood, and there were kids sick all around us as well.  Poor Solveig had her 1st birthday soon afterward when we were still recovering.  Don’t you just love the memories going back through this journal of a blog?
As I look back at all the things that surrounded her birth and birthday, I’m so thankful for her and the person she is.  Her name means “sunshine of the house” at least, that’s our interpretation of it.  She lives up to that every single day.  Whether our family is dealing with death or sickness, whether we’re busy or bored, she’s there to bring joy.  Whether we are in good times or in bad, this little girl always has “JOY” written all over her face and just brings sunshine everywhere she goes.
She’s such an incredible blessing.  I know she will be a great big sister.  She’s so smart, and understands way more than I ever give her credit for.  She’s continually surprising me with how much she knows and understands.  When I start setting plates on the table, she pushes a chair over to the silverware drawer, and puts silverware (the correct pieces in the correct spots) around in everyone’s spot.  She says so many new words everyday.  She says “yes” more than any other toddler I’ve met.  She loves pretty things, from pretty clothes to pretty things in her hair.  She loves dollies like no child I’ve ever seen, and works for hours preparing tea parties in her play kitchen.  
Thank you, Jesus, for Solveig.  I cannot imagine this house without her smiles and am so thankful for the joy that she continually shines.

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