Just Because

Sorry that it’s Saturday and I have no freezer recipe to post…again.  I’ve been having a few cooking failures lately, and I haven’t wanted anyone to follow in my footsteps in that area.

So just because I have cuties, I’ve decided to share pictures that I have of at least one of them, since I haven’t in awhile.  I’m sure at least “Grammy” is in need of seeing some.  I need to get some pics of the older kids more.

It’s hard, though, when sometimes all they give you to work with is this:

Solveig’s hair is finally getting long enough to tuck behind her ear, but she still mostly prefers it in her eyes.  Most days she’s sporting the Cindy-Loo-Who look.  This day, she was sporting the “I’m playing ballerina dress up with my big sister who put my tutu over my footie pajamas” look.  It was a cute look.

She turns 2 in less than 2 weeks, and it is certainly starting to show!  I believe she’s breaking in her 2 year old molars, because she has just not been herself.  She’s still been waking up early, and being fussy for about the first hour or so that she’s awake, which wakes up the rest of the house.  She’s starting to put 2 words together at a time, and says about 3 new words a day!

She’s so sensitive, still.  If we say “no” nicely, she’ll listen most of the time.  If she doesn’t listen and we have to say it sharply, she cries like there’s no tomorrow.  She is so eager to please everyone, but she is definitely used to having people adore her and make way for her way.

She still eats about everything we put in front of her.  I have no idea what to plan for her birthday coming up.  She may just get a little sister for her birthday.  We’ll see…


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