I’m Blessed

Good morning from the farm!  This morning as I woke up, my whole bedroom was pink from the sunrise.  It was so pretty.  Knut had managed getting the kids breakfast without waking me, as he tries to do most mornings.  I get my wake up call before he goes to work.  In defense of my laziness, I often get up at night with little ones.  He tried to get up last night with Solveig and her time of 2 year old molars.  We’ve been trying to transition her to seeing him at night rather than me, as my attention will be on another baby soon.  The transition has been going good, but last night she just screamed at him, and pounded his chest and said, “Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!”  So I stayed up rocking her for awhile.  I gave her some more medicine, and stayed with her until it kicked in…which seemed to take forever.

Anyway, I’m blessed that I got to sleep in, and wake up to ready made coffee, fed kids, and all them  engrossed in their own books in the living room.  Can any mother ask for more?  I think most mothers don’t dare ask for this.  I’m so blessed.

Part of this spoiling is the fact that this week Knut has some work events he needs to be at that will require him to be gone both when the kids wake up and when they go to bed.  Basically, I have 2 days this week ahead of me where I’m on my own with them from dawn to dusk.  He’s worried it will put me into labor, and honestly, I share that worry.  Fighting every fight with them on my own is wearing on the body at this point.  If all 4 of them have perfect behavior for a few days, it will be no problem.  Let’s get real, though.

However, I am blessed to have made it to 37 weeks, and now this baby can safely come anytime.  I don’t feel ready for her to come, but I can at least feel good that she now won’t be coming too early.  It’s happened only once to us before, and the work and frustration involved in a preemie I think maybe only other parents who have gone through it can understand.

This birth is starting to be on my mind pretty much all the time now.  I’m trying to label it as “processing” instead of “worrying.”  I don’t feel up to going through it yet.  No one really looks forward to labor, but I do look forward to meeting this baby.  I’m so curious what she is like, and what her personality will turn out to be.  To think that I love someone so much who I don’t know at all…it’s a strange feeling.

However, the beginning of labor in the past has always been a relief, and I’m hoping I’ll reach that feeling this time as well.  I’m trying to focus on handling each moment at a time, and not the difficulties of several potential moments in one.

On another note…

I was so blessed this week to go with Silje and Knut to a missions presentation about Russia.  It was the first missions event like this Silje has ever been to and it really hit her heart.  She was so drawn in listening to the speaker, and learning about some people who lived above the arctic circle with reindeer, who had no medical access.  This missionary trained in teams to fit glasses, take basic tests, and do basic screenings.  These teams would go way up North and bring reading glasses, things like bandages and asprin and vitamins to these people with a life expectancy of 47, and how their lives were ultimately changed.  Through video we saw the tears of the people there who felt so forgotten by the world, learn that God had not forgotten them.

She’s was bold enough to go up to the speaker afterward, and ask him how she could be a missionary.  He told her that wasn’t something we do when we grow up, bringing the love of God was something God called all of us to do, all the time.  He spent so much time with her, writing down verses for her to look up, and suggesting multiple things she could do as a child to show others God’s love.  She just drank it all in, and has been spending time studying all the verses he gave her.

It was so beautiful, this passion that was lit inside of her.  I was so blessed to witness it.  It tore at my heartstrings so deeply.  I was so blessed that this prestigious speaker took the time to talk one on one with a little girl when he had all these potential donors lined up to chat with him afterward.  He spoke to her like she was the only one in the room, and the person God had brought him there to speak to.  I was very much moved.

How have you been blessed this last week?  God has not forgotten us, has He?  He sees us, and he knows the worries on our minds, and the difficulties we face.  As always, I love to hear how God has blessed you.  It’s a very good way to start out the week!


  1. Mom says

    What a beautiful story. I was blessed to speak at Heidi’s school this morning about what Food for the Hungry is doing. They are studying a unit on poverty. I was also blessed that the children collected some money to help other children in poor countries get an education. It was so sweet!

  2. says

    Lovely sky! ♥ I have gone to a Russian Orthodox church my whole life, and went to Russia in 1999….what a wonderful trip. The people there love God, even though they’ve been through so much.

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