Clarity Cardigan

The Clarity Cardigan pattern is finally done!

This pattern is so very simple, with a double breasted front and stylish cowl neckline. Closure is unique as the buttons are near the shoulders, and the fronts are buttoned in a gathering way to add to the cowl neckline. It’s really very fun to play around with.
Simple pockets using contrasting color yarn are added for some interest and comfort.
You’ll need to know how to:
M1P (for largest 2 sizes only)
as well as the provisional cast on.

For ease of knitting and wear, the cardigan is seamless, worked from the top down in a comfortable raglan sleeve, with the pocket linings and cowl neck added last.

I’m so in love.  I apologize if I just put designing on hold and make myself 2 more of these.  I really want one in gray, and another in deep purple, maybe.  We’ll see I guess.  I’m tempted at least.

Thank you to Knut’s cousin, Jessica, who graciously modeled for me.  I was trying to think of someone thin like me, and although she is, she’s much, much taller than me.  On me, the sleeves actually go to my wrist.  She’s so grown up now.

Also, thank you to Katherine, my technical editor.  I hire her to check all my math.  She lets me know things like “According to your pattern, the armhole in the 50″ bust size is coming out too large, and the wording in this pocket section should be cleaned up a bit.  You can fix it this way…”  I owe her a debt for continually keeping me from looking stupid.

If you would like a copy of this pattern, it can be purchased for $6 here:

or you can find in on Ravelry, and soon on Craftsy as well.


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    It’s so beautiful. I’ll really have to try to make one. I’m kind of crazy. I have knitted continental most of my life, but I didn’t like it because of the pearling and now I’ve switched over to Combined Method and it’s a bit tricky..but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

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    I am working on this sweater right now and absolutely love the hand of the yarn I choose and the neckline was so beautiful I decided to do it after getting to the casting the sleeve stiches onto holders. It turned out so pretty can’t wait to wear it on a trip to Montreal in the Spring. Keep the lovely patterns coming please.

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