Camille Cardigan

I’m so thrilled to announce my newest knitting pattern, which is now on the cover of Knitscene Magazine, Winter 2012.  I’m so in love with this cardigan, which uses a really fun “contiguous” construction knit in one piece from the top down in this really fun chunky thick and thin yarn.  It’s worked on big needles, so it comes together really fast!

I want to thank my hubby Knut, who listened to me dream about making it into this magazine, and encouraged me to go ahead and submit some ideas even if all I got was feedback from the editors.  I was shocked that they took my idea (in a run-around-the-house-screaming sort of way).  I was so excited with every step of the process of working with the magazine, the amazing editors, and low and behold, they put my sweater on the cover.  So thank you, Knut, for pushing me in the direction of submitting in the first place.  I hope I support his dreams at least half as much as he supports mine.

This sweater construction came at a funny time as I found out I was pregnant and found out they accepted my design pretty much at the same time.  Both were things I was hoping for, but never dreamed that either would happen right now.  So with all the first trimester extreme fatigue, this sweater and I stayed on the couch and it was worked on in between my naps as my house got very, very messy for a few weeks.

You would think that would discourage my hubby from ever encouraging me to submit to a magazine again.  However, he found another swatch and proposal I had laying around and I was debating whether or not to send in.  He asked when the deadline was to submit it and I said, “Um, it’s the day after tomorrow.  It’s probably too late to submit this idea anyway.  It got really crazy around here when I worked on the other design.  I wasn’t sure if I should send this one in and add that craziness to our lives again.”  My hubby over-nighted the proposal to the editors himself and low and behold, you’ll see another one of my designs in next Summer’s issue as well since I I just shipped off the final product and pattern a week or so ago.  Yup, I picked a good one.  I love how much he believes in my dream.

The name “Camille” for the pattern actually was picked by the editor, and I like it.  It was such a thrill to work with the editors there.  They were always so quick with responses to questions, and so patient and helpful walking me through this process.

(This is not me…just so you know.  My belly is quite a bit bigger just now.  This is one of the fabulous pictures in the magazine that will be in stores October 23rd.)

I’m so in love with it…you have no idea.  I may make myself 3 of these, and I don’t usually repeat patterns like that.

I also want to thank my friends at Crates of Yarn who have also encouraged me through this whole process, and where I got the original submission yarn, and helped me pick out just the right buttons.  They are throwing a little celebration party on November 3rd for anyone to attend.  They are such sweet cheerleaders!

Thank you all, too, for being my cheerleaders too.  You have no idea how much your encouragement means to me.


  1. Anonymous says

    That’s beautiful! The buttons catch the eye….well done, young lady! (I can say that because I’m way not-young)…..Sharon

  2. says

    That is so amazing! Beautiful design & I love the style of the sweater! It’s great when you have a wonderful supportive husband who encourages you to try new things & pushes you. Nice job.

  3. Mom says

    I’m SO proud of you. I imagine Candi is looking down from heaven with a big smile on her face as well. Her protoge has done well!

  4. says

    Oh my goodness! what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL cardi! congratulations!! and on the front cover too!! hurrah! i’d be jumping up and down, running around the house, screaming and all that too. ahhaha. so happy for you! i think i need to get my hands on that magazine! xoxo

  5. JulieKaren says

    Congratulations on following your dreams… that is an absolutely gorgeous sweater… it is EXACTLY what I am looking to knit … I hope I can find your pattern in Canada eventually…. :) JK

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