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Well, today for the Yarn Along, I’m sharing a bit of my most recent finished object, the Madame Phelps Shawl, which I dedicated a whole post to last Saturday.  I need to use shawls more so I can justify making more.  It’s so fun.

For reading, I’m finished up Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife.  This has been one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in awhile.  I may have posted about it a few weeks ago, but it’s worth another shout out.  As I’m nearing the end, I should give my disclaimers that there is some bad language in the book.  There is a very wide variety of people and religion and worldviews represented in here.  Not all the births end happily.  However, I will still maintain that this is one of the best books on birth I have ever read.  It’s not scary, or intimidating.  It’s honest and heartfelt.  It’s laugh-until-you-cry funny and hold-your-breath suspense.
I think my favorite thing about the book is that most books I’ve read on birth have such a huge hatred of natural births, or a huge hatred of hospitals and modern medicine.  This wouldn’t fit into either.  The midwife worked as a labor and delivery nurse for many years before she went to midwifery school, and then had hospital privileges as well as delivered at home.   She loves medicine.  She loves letting nature do it’s thing.  I love that.  It’s one of the most balanced books on birth I’ve encountered, and everything she writes about it resonates so true with me.

Plus, it’s just a fun read.

In other news, we have an invalid in the house.  Silje is off her feet as she got what we assume is a bee sting last weekend.  Sunday afternoon she was running in the sprinklers and came crying over to me to say there was a thorn in her toe, and her toes felt crooked.  I examined her foot and pulled out what looked like a thistle thorn.  It came out easily.  What concerned me was that her toes felt crooked.  I felt them all and didn’t find anything wrong with any of them, and Silje didn’t even wince a little as I examined her.  So I said we’d keep our eye on it, and she can go back to playing.  So she romped back off to the sprinklers.

The next morning, she complained that her foot itched like crazy.  I looked at it and it was very swollen and red and puffy.  It didn’t feel warm like an infection, but she couldn’t stop itching.  So we put some hydrocortazone cream on it, but she said that didn’t help.  So I gave her some Benedryl, and she said that helped a lot.  We kept her on Benedryl all day, which controlled the itching, but the swelling didn’t seem to dwindle at all so we ice packed it and elevated it for the day.

I called the nurse’s hotline with my insurance, and they told me what to look for if it’s infected, but if the Benedryl is working, they agreed it seemed more of an allergic reaction than infection.  So we decided to wait and see a few days.

Tuesday morning it looked better, and I needed to run some errands, so Silje put on some flip flops and went all over town with me.  We rested it in the afternoon, and then went to her grandparents that night to hang out with all of her cousins in the pool and slip n slide.  She requested Benedryl again all day, but it still didn’t look better.  I decided if it didn’t look much better this morning, I’d take her in to have it looked at.  I still saw no warmth, no pussing, no rings, no hardness that would make me think infection.  However this was dragging on…or maybe I just let her on her feet too much that day.

This morning the swelling was almost gone, and Silje said the toes weren’t pressing against each other any more.   The itchiness was still intense so we’re going on day 3 of Benedryl.  I’m keeping her off her feet just to be safe, and she doesn’t seem to mind.  A day reading books on the couch is right up her alley.

I’m hoping that’s the end of that.


  1. says

    I hope your daughter feels better soon. It does seem she had a terrible allergic reaction! Love the color of your finished shawl. I could always have a shawl on my needles year round :)

  2. Mom says

    I’m glad Silje’s feeling better. It sounds like you did exactly the right things to treat it! Shawl is..again..so beautiful!

  3. says

    I am happy to hear she Silje is on the mend. Stings can be tricky, it sounds like an allergic reaction I had to a sting. And it was not fun. She looks like she is hanging in there with her down time.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie “The Handmade Homemaker”

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