I’m Blessed

Ok, so I’m testing out my new blogging app today.  Still haven’t figured out the pictures on the iPad, so you’ll have to brace yourself for a good picture dump on here later in the week.
I’m so blessed with a catch-up day today.  My parents left on Friday night.  Saturday morning I went to a bridal shower, and Saturday night we went to a wedding reception for a different couple.  I left my camera at home because I get tempted to take pictures of fun events and post them all over my blog.  I don’t, though, because I don’t want my friends to wonder “I wonder if this will go on her blog?”. 
However, I wish I would have taken my camera and posted pictures all over the blog for you for the wedding reception because it was so cool!!  They had a barn dance for the party, and it was all outside with a band with a fiddle and banjo.  They had a caller who taught everyone how to swing your partner and promenade.  The tables were decorated with wild flowers the couple had picked and put in canning jars.
The head table was decorated with pennants of antique hankies, and pictures of the couple were clothes pinned to strings crisscrossing old window frames.  Hay bales surrounded the dancing area, and while about no one there had even heard of the Virginia Reel, there was a lot of whooping and hollering, as people of all ages learned the old barn dances.  It was fantastic.  Silje danced every dance, and would have gone hours longer if we let her!  Knut and I handed Solveig and Elias off to friends enough to dance 2 times.
Well, then on Sunday we went to church, then after keeping the kids out to 10 the night before, we skipped naps and visited some new friends in the afternoon, then finished off the day with the traditional potluck supper and swim out at Knut’s grandparents’s lake cabin with all his cousins.
For an introvert like me, my plan for today after a weekend like that is to avoid all people.  My kids all slept in past 8, except Elias who is actually still sleeping.  We’re planning nothing today, and I’m so excited.  Knut left for work, giving me all sorts of ideas of what I should do, and I kept reminding him I plan to stare at the wall today.
Maybe I’ll finally figure out the blog app.
Maybe I’ll read Solveig “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” 358 times…again.
Maybe I’ll call my brother and sister in law who are driving their moving trucks our way as I type.  
Maybe I’ll make some bread so we can have lunch.
For sure, I’m going to knit.
I’m so blessed with this down day today.  I love it when God hands us some rest.

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  1. says

    I am sorry to say I do not like blogging on my ipad. After buying and trying numerous apps, Blogsy is the one I will use if I don’t have access to my computer.
    I also had to buy little device to get the pictures from my camera onto my ipad….which didn’t work during my last get-a-way. ;(
    If you find a great blogging app, let me know!

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