I’m Blessed

Did I really only blog 2 times last week?  In my head I had about 2 more posts.  I need to snap out of this Summer craze and get a routine…something that seems sorely lacking every Summer.

Last week I got on top of my whole empty-freezer-situation and got lots of beef stock (broth) made, cooked up some dried beans so they were ready to throw into some meal.  Those went in the freezer too, along with about 6 meatloaves, and 3 very large batches of beef stroganoff.  I meant to get 8 family sized chicken pot pies done too, but that had to get moved to this week.

I’m blessed to have a helpers in my freezer cooking ventures that actually are capable of helping.

I spent 2 days cleaning my house from morning to night as well.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m out of the fatigue portion of pregnancy and into the nesting mode.  I’m so excited to be at this point.  Surprisingly, my house is still not “clean” to me.  I’m gaining on it though, and that’s a good feeling.  I may not reach “clean” for another 2 decades or so.

We’re going through a big change out here on the farm.  It’s one we’ve been hoping and praying about for the last few years, and one that is still filled with some unknowns, but the ball is rolling.

Knut’s brother and family have moved out, as I’ve mentioned.  We’re enjoying having them out here without the rushed time frame that normally happens, but we’re still seeing them often because of the newness of it.  They’re staying at Knut’s parents for the time being until jobs and housing are finally settled. We are not anticipating him working on the farm with Knut, as he has some good prospects elsewhere.  We’re praying that it will all get settled soon.  Living out of boxes is never easy.

Elias is a bit older than his twin cousins, and he’s pleased as can be with his “new” playmates and is constantly asking to go over to Grandma’s house.

 This girl wandered around the yard while the rest of the kids were playing the other day.  She wouldn’t take off the bike helmet that was about 10 sizes too big for her.  O, she melts me.  It’s seriously becoming a problem.

She is becoming so much trouble…and so are those cheeks…and dimples.

It’s hard not to let life’s little blessings make your heart explode sometimes.

We are blessed with a good crop so far.  We’ve been hearing about on many farms across the country seriously lacking in rain, and our little valley may be one of the best spots right now.  Not that we couldn’t use about 2 inches of slow rain, be we cannot deny we are being very blessed.

I always think the fields look like different grades of corduroy.  Leave it to me to see fabric wherever I go.

We were also very blessed this week that David finally got his teeth issues resolved.  This Spring he needed 2 root canals on his baby teeth.  We got one done at our family dentist, who said he could not do David’s 2nd tooth because David was just too active for him to handle.  He recommended a pediatric dentist.  We called several who said they could start the whole initial appointment process and all new x-rays in about 2 months, and then would schedule a probable root canal 1 month or 2 after that process.  It was hard to explain on the phone that the root canal needed to be done ASAP, not in 3 months.  None of them were willing to quote me prices for x-rays, procedures, or anything.  Frankly, one receptionist made me feel like I was a bad mother for trying to put a price on my son’s health.  “The price shouldn’t matter as long as he’s healthy, right?”  Well, right, but it’s kinda nice to know what to plan for, and if this particular office has twice the price of my son’s health than the office down the road.  It was extremely frustrating.

Well, I found a pediatric dentist off my referral list from my dentist, but recommended by several moms I know.  Requiring no initial appointment, they just let me schedule a time 3 weeks out for David to just go in.  They’d see what exactly was going on, and fix it that day.  Prices were quoted for various things as well!

It turned out that about a week and a half before we were supposed to go in to the pediatric guy, David’s tooth began to ache badly.  Eating became a big problem.  So I called the new dentist and asked if we could get in early.  The dentist offered for David to come in right away.  He had to work through his lunch break in order to see David, but it was wonderful.  The tooth ended up being infected and needed to be pulled.  I’m happy he’s just not in pain anymore. 

If you would like to share this lovely Monday morning how God has blessed you or taken care of you, it would be great to hear from you! You can leave a comment below, or a link to your blog in the comments section on your own “I’m Blessed” post.  Be sure to link back to here in your post if you leave your link.


  1. Mom says

    I’m blessed to be reading this blog. So glad your energy is back and things are settling down for you…at least for a few days. I know you still have a busy “rest of the summer” ahead of you.
    I’m so blessed with good friends to hang out with, and good health!

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