I’m Blessed

Well, we survived the weekend.  It was a crazy weekend; perhaps the craziest in a very long time.  Things shouldn’t cease to be crazy until possibly June.  That’s not that far away.  I hope we can make it.

Saturday I participated in a garage sale with some friends of mine in town.  Sunday we had Sunday School, church, church pot luck, church meeting, Silje’s piano recital, and tacked on the end, a birthday party for Knut’s brother.  If you notice in there, I never said the word “nap” even though we still have 2 children in the house that take them.  Most of those events required that I bring some food along too, so it put a bunch of cooking on my plate after the garage sale on Saturday.

As a homebody, I usually dislike days like that.  I like staying home and having the world leave me alone.  Unfortunately, I can’t always have my way, and sometimes we have to do what is best for everyone, and not just me.  Every part of yesterday was a blessing.  Whether or not it felt like a blessing, depended largely on my attitude and control over my emotions.  I was thinking about that this morning: blessings are not defined as such based off of emotions.  They are blessings because they are from God.  Whether I enjoy them or not, often depends on how much I’m listening to God.

For starters, the kids had so much fun at Sunday School, and I got to sit and relax in the adult class instead of teach.  I normally teach the lower elementary class, but since it was the last day, the “board” did a bunch of fun games and even included little Elias and Solveig in them and they all had so much fun.  I got to enjoy some really great teaching that I normally miss during that time.  That worked out nice, since I had to be in the nursery during church.

The potluck was delicious, and meant I didn’t have to drag my family home and throw a pizza in the oven, which is the normal Sunday afternoon dish.  It was so good.  There were dozens of hands that willingly helped with the kids without me even having to think of asking them.  I love that in our church there seems to be a fan club of 10-14 year old girls who follow my kids around for fun.  Now, that’s a blessing.

We didn’t think we’d have time for the meeting, but they started early enough that Knut and I were able to stay through the voting.  We voted to hire a youth and family ministry pastor, and it is the first time our church has added on a 2nd ministry position like that.  The man we hired is so completely perfect for the job, and it’s so evident that God has been preparing not only him for this exact purpose, but the elders and budget to be prepared for such a change.  The guy we hired is so fun loving, but so very grounded at the same time.  I cannot think of a more perfect fit, and I’m so excited that God has worked this whole thing out for our church.  Huge blessing.

We made it to Silje’s first ever piano recital.  She did 10 times better than any practice, and the teacher gave really detailed explanations about why each student picked each piece.  I was especially excited that one of the songs Silje had picked was in the middle of one of the books she just barely started.  Her teacher thought it might be beyond her, but allowed Silje to practice anyway just to see where it went.  Silje threw her heart into it and it sounded so pretty.

Silje made a new friend who also takes piano lessons with this same teacher.  She only lives a mile down the road, and I’m really excited to have a friend for her so close!

David had no intention of sitting through the recital.  Neither did Elias.  They were pretty much ready for naps/quiet time when the recital started, which means they were running around and being loud.  In the eleventh hour, David surprised me.  He came and sat at my feet, listened and enjoyed every song played by every student.

This morning, I was blessed to wake up with happy kids, who slept in after the exhausting day.  I got to smile when I saw Elias got his “George” slippers on all by himself before he came downstairs.  He normally carries them downstairs in his arms.

 Lastly, I’m blessed with this little girl who hasn’t stopped giggling since she woke up this morning.  She’s running so much that I can’t seem to get a good picture of her that’s not blurred.  She’s just so sweet this morning, that I had to throw in one little semi-blurry one just for good measure.

She just melts me.

If you want to participate this week in sharing how God has blessed you this last week, you can leave a comment with your thoughts and/or leave a link to your own blog post on the subject.  Simply write a post, put a link to this blog within that post so people can follow you back, and then copy and paste the address to your post in the box below.  They are a joy to read, so thank you to all who share.


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