I’m Blessed

I’m going to join other mothers out there and say I had a great Mother’s Day.  Silje and Knut got up really early and together made me homemade beignets, which I guess are French donuts.  The pastry is very much like a donut but it’s square, and has no hole.  It’s deep fried and then sprinkled with powdered sugar.  So yeah…really good!

I was blessed with roses, and lots of kisses.  We went to church and then Knut and I took turns getting a nap in the afternoon.  Then it was off to Knut’s grandparents for the annual Mother’s Day cookout.  It was a beautiful day.

I try to remind myself this morning as Knut left the house for work a little too loudly at the crack of dawn, waking up all the kids, that we’re blessed he has a job.  I’m blessed to have kids.  I’m blessed to have food to feed them when they wake up.  I’m blessed it’s leftover beignets.

I’m blessed the lily of the valley outside my house looks like it will be blooming today.  I’ve been watching it the last few weeks in anticipation.

I’m blessed to be served pretend tea on plastic dishes this morning by a precocious 17 month old who loves to serve pretend tea these days.  My eyes weren’t very open, and she was wide awake.

I’m so blessed.

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  1. Mom says

    I was served pretend tea this weekend, too, by a precocious little cousin of your 17 month old (Lizzie). It was delicious! I’m so blessed by grandchildren and am blessed that you do such a great job of keeping me in touch with the “northern” grandkids!

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