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Heart Attack

Yesterday was such a day of emotions!  I woke up finding out that my Grandpa was in the hospital.  I know I’ve written about him numerous times, trying to attempt to explain why he meant so much to me.  He had a heart attack.  I remember when he had a heart attack when I was in 6th grade, but lately his “thing” has been strokes in the last few years.  My mom said that there was still blockage in his heart, but the doctor didn’t think he was strong enough for any more surgery just now.  I spent the morning wondering what that meant, and wished I was down there to ask all my questions to his doctor.

The plan is for him to be sent home today, and he’ll be monitored and return to get the blockage cleared up bit by bit over the next weeks/months depending on his recovery rate.  He’s 88.  I know some people say that you get to a point where you’re ready to let some people go.  I can’t imagine ever getting to that point.

I’m seeing my doctor today as well.  Ovary issues again that I’m so sick in dealing with.  I’m hoping for some good news.  I’m not in the mood for surgery again right now.  I’ll probably tell you guys if I’m going to need surgery, otherwise expect all is well.

Gretchen’s Big Break

 (This picture was amazingly not staged!  She’s like her mommy and loves to spend lots of time looking in knitting stitch reference books.  It’s adorable.)

I DID get a huge pick-me-up yesterday.  Sorry for the repeat announcement for all my Facebook friends.  It was right after I found out that my grandpa was going to be coming home soon, and they were going to do surgery after all, but in a more gradual-work sense.

I’m getting one of my knitting designs published in my ultimate dream magazine.  As in, the magazine I was aiming to get published in when I had “reached the top.”  It was the publication I was going to work up to.  Knut has been encouraging me to put in some submissions just to get some practice in submitting.  You know, not wait until I was more established.  When I used to do some freelance writing after college, I learned that you learn something with each rejection.  So I figured it didn’t hurt much to start trying.

I can’t submit patterns I have already published.  This includes self publishing.  They have to be new, never before seen patterns.  So you guys haven’t even seen the yarn that will be used. I sent them 2 ideas, and it was my first time sending them any submissions.

I just got word back yesterday that they like one of my ideas, and they would like to publish it in their next Winter issue.  I was emailing back and forth with the senior editor yesterday.  I mean, seriously, I feel like I’m in a dream!

I even made it into the Winter issue!  In the knitting world, in my mind, that’s huge!  Winter issues are always my favorite!  Now, they’re sending me the yarn for the sample, along with a contract and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t show you guys the progress.  That would pretty much nullify the “newness” that they want to be publishing.

I suppose it is possible that I finish writing the pattern, send them the sample and they absolutely hate it and decide not to use it.  It’s possible.  So I’m keeping the rest secret.  I just wanted to share how excited I am to have gotten that email.  I sent in the submission a few months ago so it’s been a bit of a long wait!

Planting on the Farm

Knut said yesterday that today planting begins.  It’s always a bit of a jolt to get back into an intense work time on the farm.  We actually see him way more in planting than in harvest.  He’s just not as flexible in covering for me at home when I need to go somewhere, and his schedule is no longer predictable.

I need to finish transplanting the strawberry plants.  It got so cold after we started, that we delayed a few days and now the job is all mine.  The ones we moved already are thriving very well, though, and that is a huge relief to me!  Most of the plants we put in the ground before this small cold spell are doing quite well.

Bucket List Cross Off

I was reminded when writing about how Silje and I have been going through my old magazines that I was always wanting to make all the cakes in a certain cake issue.  So without further ado, I went out and got some lemons, and plan on making the lemon cake as soon as these babies ripen.  I miss lemons from my grandma’s yard.  These under ripe ones way North of where they grow are not quite the same.  When they soften in a few days, I’ll have to try the recipe out.  In the mean time, they do look pretty in my kitchen!


  1. says

    **Sorry to hear about your grandpa! Will be praying for him and your family that he will tolerate this mini-treatments to remove the blockage.

    **Wahoo!!! Can’t wait to hear more about hitting the BIG TIME in the knitting world! I would hope that eventually you could say what magazine it will be in so we can make sure to get one when it comes out.

    **Have I ever told you how much I LOVE lemon?? 😉 Just in case you need a taste tester.

    What a week you have had! When it rains, it pours!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow….lots of stuff. God bless your dear Grandpa and give him and his wife great peace. Solveig reading the mags is just priceless. – Sharon

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