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This week is a bit redundant for people who check my blog daily.  The main project I did last week besides twiddling with a few knitting projects here and there was the above little newborn Little Pearl Vest.  (Ravelry Info).  I wanted to make a newborn size, and wishing that I knew someone with a newborn little girl, and then I saw on facebook one of my friends gave birth to a little girl, and that’s about all it took to cast on that itty bitty size.

I was planning to make it in the “hurricane” (aka vibrant teal) color that was posted in last week’s Yarn Along.  I bought it when we were in Wisconsin, and the ladies there said that even though the label said sport weight, it really worked up as dk.  As I got to the main portion of the vest, it started looking meshy to me and I knew that yarn and that pattern were not meant for each other.  The “hurricane” yarn will probably make its way into a shawl or scarf of some sort in the future.

So I stole a half a skein of yarn from the fair isle sweater project I’m working on for myself.  The yarn store where I got it still has some, so I can replace it.  Half a skein didn’t exactly dent the stash too bad.

On a side note, I just want to say this pattern was my first experience working with a tech editor and I was totally blown away.  She caught 2 small numerical mistakes for the size 3T but she really earned my respect with all of her suggestions of tweaking things like layout and instructions here and there.  She really polished it and made it amazing and I don’t think I could bear publishing another pattern without her in the future. I followed almost all her advice.  (There is a point in my pattern where I use the term “easy peasy” and she informed me that the correct phrase was “easy peasy lemon squeezy” and I politely disagreed with her.  😉  I love an editor with a sense of humor.)

Silje and I are just finishing up White Stallion of Lipizza.  To say she’s into horses these days is a bit of an understatement.  When we started reading this book, I started to remember an old Disney movie I saw as a kid about these special Lipizzaner horses in Vienna during WWII.  I called my mom to see if she still had the VHS and sure enough, she said she’d bring it up this summer when they come to visit.  Silje is so excited to see a movie with these famous horses.

On another side note, Silje is spoiled rotten.  When I was a kid growing up in the city, if I dared ask my parents for a horse, I would have gotten a huge eye roll followed by “not in a million years.”  Out here in the country, Silje is begging Knut nearly daily for a horse and his response is “You need to be just a bit older, sweetie, but I’m sure someday.”

Spoiled I tell you.  She lives in a house with an empty barn in the yard.  She has acreage.  She has access to some makeshift pasture, and places to get hay, and equipment to put that hay near the horse.  There’s a phrase we had for girls like her in our house: “S-P-O-I-L-E-D (honeylamb).”  (Whenever a child asked what that spelled, my grandpa would reply “It spells honeylamb.”)

Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget to stop by Ginny’s blog too and see more people “Yarning Along.”


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    Hello fellow Minnesotan! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I just spent some time visiting yours and loved reading about your family and farm life and all your gorgeous knitting! I grew up in farm country in southeastern Minnesota and now live in the outer suburbs of Mpls. My husband and I both still long for the country though so we may make it back their someday!

    Many blessings,

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    My daughter was so into horses too at a certain age. And we read that book and watched the same movie then as well.

    Love the details you put on that little vest sweater. Very precious.

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