Random Bits

 Our hens have been laying in full force lately.  We’re averaging almost 12 eggs a day now, with a new record of 15 eggs in one day.  I’ve been trying to blow out about 2 dozen a week for Easter decoration.  My freezer is filling up with egg bakes.  (I use those blue baby bulb things  that is normally used for other things.  😉  Well, this particular bulb thing has the only purpose of blowing out eggs. It beats the old days of blowing with your mouth and takes only a few moments.)  I love these colored eggs.  Love, love, love.

 Silje has been saving since her birthday (last June) for a horse for her Felicity doll.  She had to buy it herself and so after looking at the ones from the American Girl company, and then the ones at Target and the ones at Walmart, she decided to save for the one at Walmart, even though it was not her first choice in color.  We even kept a sharp eye out for one at the Children’s consignment shop in the city.  She would have preferred a copper colored horse like Felicity actually had in the book.  She has named her horse “Chocolate.”

Still, she’s so excited to finally have a horse.  She carefully counted out the $42.94 cents for the cashier very proudly.  It was almost a year of saving her extra birthday money, allowance, and bugging me for extra chores for pennies to boot.  (On Saturdays I put all the family socks for the week in one laundry basket.  If the kids have their rooms clean, and other chores done, they’re allowed to earn extra money by matching socks for me.  I pay 1 penny per pair.  They easily earn an extra 30 cents or so, or more if their sibling is taking a long time getting their room cleaned and they have all the socks to themselves.)

 The boys watched with much interest because toy purchases this big aren’t made often.  David was a bit sad.  Silje and David seem to be in constant competition and each is sad on the other one’s birthday or anything like that.  It’s something we’re working on still.  Really, it did go better than it usually does, so I have to mark that as an improvement.

 She worked out a stall for Chocolate in her room, so that Felicity can be near.  As she’s playing with her new horse, she’s explaining to me things about horses I never even knew.  She’s been pouring over horse care books for a few months, so that shouldn’t be surprising.

 Solveig was feeling a bit warm the other day.  Her fever wasn’t much over 99 degrees F, but she certainly wasn’t herself.  I can’t imagine her getting any more teeth as they seem to be coming one after the other and pretty soon I’m not sure where she’ll put them.  When Knut got home from work, he helped me by holding her while I got supper ready.  It was only a matter of seconds before they put each other to sleep.

 O, she’s getting fat.  I love her cheeks.  I love her belly that hangs out so far that she considers it a toy.  She loves to put her finger in her belly button and giggle.  When she’s in the tub the rolls are a “jolly” good laugh.  I love it when babies are fat.  I firmly believe that it’s healthy for babies to be fat, and they should be so if they can manage such a thing.  My kids have always grown out of it, but it’s so fun to have something to squish all the time.


  1. Cristy says

    Such a sweet picture of your little one sleeping with Daddy. Is Knut getting the itch to be in the fields yet?

  2. says

    I would have never thought to use one of the blue bulbs to suck to egg out. I would assume it works the same way as it does for noses? That’s cool!

  3. Mom says

    I sure wish I was there to take some of those eggs off your hands. :) And Cristy is right, there is nothing like a daddy’s warm chest to lull a baby to sleep!

    Silje looks so cute with her little horse. I suspect she will be an avid equestrian some day soon!

  4. says

    Oh, and how do you blow out an egg with the nasal aspirator? Is the hole in the egg big enough for the end to fit into the egg? I was trying to do that this week…I was watching videos on you tube…finally after 4 days and lots of stinky egg inside, I got it emptied out. But one of the instructions I read said to clean it with a little vinegar. Well, since it had been such a long process, I left it soaking in the vinegar and the egg went all jelly on me! Whew! Tips please! :-)

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