I’m Blessed

Last week was downright crazy.  We had so many things jammed into the week that Knut and I both said several times “We can’t live like this long term.”  We had the usual piano lessons, and choir practice.  We added in swimming lessons and a dentist appointment along with several birthdays in my family (cross country, which equal lots of phone time), parties, and date night (although our date was over lunch) as well as having a couple from church over for dessert who we’ve tried to have over for well over a month.  We ate so much “fast” food like corn dogs in the oven and KFC brought home because I just wasn’t home enough to cook.  School was fit in here and there but we definitely have some make up to do.

So besides the constant running, and indigestion, and the news that David has 2 root canals coming up, my ovarian cyst finally ruptured, it was just a plain crazy time.  We were blessed with good company all week.  The kids’ swimming instructor is amazing and I think they learned more in their 30 minute session than a week of previous swimming lessons combined.

Silje is finally starting to pick up on riding a bike.  I should save that story for later, but the fact she’s almost 8 and still can’t do it has really been bothering her.  She went about 10 yards by herself for the very first time and it was a big deal.

I had a wonderful birthday, was spoiled rotten by my family, like usual.  Thanks to you all too for your warm wishes.

This week I feel so blessed with peace.  The peace we had in all that chaos, and the peace for this week.  Things are slowing down at home again, although it won’t be long before things will pick up on the farm.  I get to go on a quilting retreat in less than 2 weeks and I have started a packing list of all my sewing things.  I think a retreat sounds wonderful right now.

Sorry I’m kind of random this week in my “I’m Blessed” post.  My head is still spinning, but I’m blessed it’s still on!  If you’d like to share how God has blessed you this last week leave a comment for others to read, and/or leave a link to your blog post talking about how you’ve been blessed.  You can put a link to this blog in your post so that others can come back here.  I’m so grateful for the people who continue to participate in this.  It’s a great way to start Mondays, isn’t it?


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    If it wasn’t for the threat of rain (and waiting for fertilizer), the guys would be planting wheat today! :) Things are going to get crazy in a hurry! :)

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