I’m Blessed

Sorry for the late post today.  Life just keeps running.

This week I’m trying to sound creative in saying new things I’m blessed with, or saying it in new ways.  I wonder what the point of being redundant is.  Then I think, is it redundant to tell your spouse “I love you” often?  Well, personally I like it.

I don’t think God tires of praise.  I don’t think he gets tired of gratefulness.  I think that putting aside complaints and focusing on thankfulness needs to happen at least as often as a garden needs to be weeded.

I feel so spoiled lately.  I’m certain this is not because I have everything I want, but because God has given me so much joy.

I wish that didn’t sound sappy.  I wish I could write it in a way that wouldn’t sound fake or like a cheesy card.  I know everything in this world that sounds “real” has a certain reality of sin and wrongness and pain in it.  Everything else sounds sappy.

Maybe that’s why joy is so great.  It does not require that everything is perfect.  I does not mean the lack of pain, or perfect situations.  Joy is not circumstantial.  It’s not saying everything in my life is perfect and I’m just happy all the time.  It’s saying my heart and mind are captured by God and so things around me, perfect and imperfect can’t grab it.

I feel like I haven’t put the time into spending time with God lately as I should.  He has been overwhelming me with joy anyway.  I’ve been feeling tired (though I was blessed with a really long nap yesterday!  It was lovely!)  Still God has given me joy.  It has been dropped down on me like an act of mercy and grace, and I wish I could say I have earned it, or did something special so that I could tell you which steps to take to get it.

All I can do is point to the cross, as we’ve been trying to reflect on during this Lent season.  I can just point there and say “I got it there.  There’s a man there handing it out for free.  Not only does he have power and authority to hand it out, he has the grace and love as well.”  I have no 5 steps to follow, I cannot say I do right all the time.  Today I’m just grateful for joy.  It sees me through some days when I fail at mustering it up myself.

I’m thankful for the cross.  We’re so blessed.

You know the deal here.  Please leave a comment saying how God has blessed you this last week, and/or put a link to your own “I’m Blessed” post if you’re long-winded like me.  😉


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