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It’s that time of year when winter gives a late “hurrah” of snow (finally!) and as the ground is completely covered, we start dreaming about digging in it again.  Our late night talks at home now have started revolving around the topic of our garden.  Every year we change things around and try new things, at least that’s how I hope we’ll always be.

Here’s some of our thoughts moving forward:
-The strawberries need to be moved from the overgrown patch this year and into rows again.  I’m told by a friend of mine with lots of strawberry success that I need to place them in rows and lay down landscape cloth over it, and a perhaps some mulch over that.  Last year our strawberry patch finally took off like crazy and I’m looking forward to a similar year this year.  We’re just finishing up the strawberries I kept in the freezer in the winter, and it’s a little sad that I’ll have to wait a few more months now before I’ll taste “real ones” again. 

-We’re thinking of growing some tea this year.  I’ve been trying to get into tea for years, and Knut had me try it with milk a couple of months ago, and now we drink tea all the time.  I love it with milk!  Anyway, his cousin grows tea leaves and so we’re taking some cues from them and want to try it out this year as well.

-We’re thinking of growing cutting flowers in thick rows alongside our vegis this year.  Flowers that are so big that they’re tough to fit in normal flower beds.  It will lend a better supply of cut flowers in the house without making our flower gardens bare in the summer to do so.

-We’re thinking of arranging our broccoli differently this year so it’s not in a row, but spread throughout.  We’re hoping that this will slow the progression of bugs from one plant to the next…at least that’s the theory.

-Knut wants to do a small patch of potatoes again.  I don’t.  I think our soil is to heavy for big ones, and I hate spending so much time peeling small-weird shaped potatoes, not matter how good they taste.  Plus, I’m trying to get him back on the South Beach Diet and so he couldn’t eat potatoes anyway.  I told him if we do grow them I want to do it in a raised bed where we can add some sand to soil and dig them up a bit easier.  He’s in no hurry to build a raised bed so I may have won that argument.

-I have no desire to grow pumpkins or cucumber this year, but I’m going to try squash again.  The last 2 years our squash vines have died before maturity and I’m determined to get some good squash this year!  I may grow 2 different varieties.  I’m still thinking about this.

-We’re going to grow our spinach thicker and longer rows.  We just each so much spinach and we’ve never got a super harvest from our garden.  Knut eats spinach every morning in his eggs, and David loves spinach.  He hates lettuce, even on things like tacos.  The other night he asked if he could have spinach on his tacos instead of lettuce.  I was not one to stand in his way.  He flexes his muscles after every bite.  It’s cute.

Those are some of our fresh ideas for this year.  How’s everyone else’s garden planning going?


  1. says

    I got my dirt\manure today and will plant with the kids this afternoon! We missed the early veggie season this year due to other projects and a complete mind lapse due to the crazy weather, but we are planting okra in full force this year.

  2. says

    What great ideas! I’m envious of the big garden you get to have! (Although, come weeding season, I’ll probably be grateful for my little one.) How do you grow tea? Is it like an herb? Is it what we consider black tea?

    As for potatoes, I saw a pattern where you build a frame, and then every once in a while you add another rung and fill in dirt. Then when you want to harvest, you start at the bottom rung and work your way up. It’s supposed to be a good way to grow a lot of potatoes in a small space. We don’t have to worry about South Beach here, because I think we’d go crazy without any carbs. :)

  3. Cristy says

    DH grew potatoes in straw last year We had HUGE potatoes and they were SO delicious! I am like you. I hate itty bitty potatoes. also, I dont peel any potatoes anymore. Mashed potatoes? I make them “dirty” which is just with the skin on. They are supposedly a lot healthier for you with the peel. My husband never ate them like that till we got married and now he tells his mom to make them with the peel on. LOL

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    I am so ready to start thinking about my garden, but first I have to get the chicks settled in… Sorry about your potatoes. That’s the one thing I can really grow! Maybe I’ll have you grow me some corn and I’ll grow your potatoes??? LOL

  5. says

    sounds like fun!

    I can grow lettuce, but have a difficult time with spinach. It always ends up being chicken food. Any hints?

    I was thinking about potatoes. If I do it, I would have to grow them vertical. We shall see!

    Thanks and good luck

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    sounds like you have a lot of great plans! The last of our snow has finally melted and I’ve been digging up our garden getting ready but so far only our tomatoes are started. Growing tea sounds really neat! I’m joining in with ginny’s weekly garden updates so I look forward to hearing how your garden grows :)

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