Drum Lesson

David loves to play the drums, and a popular past time these days (besides emptying out the bottom cupboards and hiding in them) is to play the pots with chopsticks.  Normally David is the only one who does this, but occasionally Elias jams with him.  Yesterday I got the pleasure of having David and Solveig do a concert for me. 

They’re really not all pots.  There’s a double boiler, a steamer, a stainless bowl, and a stainless colander thrown in there as well.  David was teaching her the beats.

Though she was constantly wandering off to see if there could possibly be any other drums to pull out of the cupboard.

Every single time she hit her colander, she blinked in shock of the noise of it.  It was so noisy, but she just couldn’t stop herself.

Well, then her love of sitting in tiny places trumped her love of noise.  She found a new use for her drum a few minutes after tapping it, and my camera was thankfully still nearby so I could catch a picture of the position she got herself into before she figured out how to get out of it minutes later.


  1. Anonymous says

    This picture makes me smile and gave me a flashback to when your parents stayed with us in CO and J was about 3 and H about 8mo and we used to put her in my mom’s big stainless steel bread bowl! Little bigger than the colander – but we would spin her around much to her delight! Enjoy!
    Cousin Sharon

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