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Well, I finished Silje’s Little Pearl, although it didn’t get done over the weekend like I’d hoped.  I’m hoping in the next day or two to get some pictures of Silje in it for the pattern cover.  She’s so excited about that.  I made this in the pattern’s largest size: 7.  It took much longer than the 18 mos and 2T that came before it.

I’m enjoying this pattern so much that I immediately cast on a newborn size just to make sure my math wasn’t way off.  Plus, I would like to return to knitting the fair isle sweater just for me, and I think I’d like a quick no-fair-isle project to whet my appetite before returning to that one.  I want something instant right now, so a newborn size it is.  I got half of it done in about 2 hours, so not bad!

Since I don’t have any (tiny-tiny) newborn girls around me right now and none coming in the near future, this one is going to be a gift for a friend.  I tend to give large baby clothes to friends who are having their first child, and indulge in newborn sized ones when the baby is not their first.  I’m a little giddy about it.  Plus it looks like a doll sweater.  I may have to pull out some newborn clothes to make sure that babies actually do come this small.

For books, I’m trying to gear David up to doing some chapter book read alouds.  I’m also trying to figure out how I’m going to manage David and Silje’s read alouds this next year as their levels are a bit different, and I’m not sure he’s ready for what she was ready for in 1st grade, let alone what she is doing now.  So I decided to try to get him excited about the chapter book idea which so far has not worked this year with the 3 other books I tried, with a few months breaking them apart.

We may have a winner.  I pulled out a read aloud that we’re supposed to do with him (according to our curriculum) next year.  His main incentive is sit down/read aloud time with Silje is after bed and if he can manage his body enough to sit and listen to a book, he will be able to stay up late.  So we’re going to work up to it.  (He loves to sit and read short books, and is starting to read books on his own more and more.  He just gets very blank-faced if I pull out any chapter book.)

Anyway, he’s liking Homer Price.  He hated it until I read the part about him building radios in his shop.  Then the pet skunk reeled him in a bit further.  I think we may have our first winner.

I also have in the picture Given: Poems which is a library book Knut brought home.  I tend to be an emotional reader, and read what I feel like or wherever the wind blows me.  Knut reads methodically.  He likes to rotate between fiction and non-fiction, and he always is reading things that anyone recommends to him and things that I would not dream appeal to him.  This is one of those cases.  His cousin recommended this book of poetry to him, so he’s been reading it.

I think he’s been enjoying it because when we’re on the couch he keeps interrupting my knitting to show me a poem.  I can’t get him to just read them to me.  They are truly beautiful poems, and this collection has one right after the other that bring out the reflective side of me and I love it when poems do that.  It’s a lot about nature, aging, life, and so on.  It’s been a fun book to have laying around the house these days.

O, and by the way, I finally published the Buttercup Soaker pattern.  It can be found here on the blog, or here on Ravelry.  I’m hoping the Little Pearl will be published sometime next week.  

Thank you, Ginny, for the opportunity to join the Yarn Along again.  Such fun.


  1. Mom says

    The book “Homer Price” sounds great! I hope David really enjoys it. Beautiful little vest, by the way. I can hardly wait to see it on Silje!

  2. says

    Oh Homer Price! That is a good book. We liked it very much. I love Mrs Terwillger and her yarn. Yeah for the vest being done. And what a wonderful header -your children are so sweet! :)

  3. says

    The fair isle work is beautiful! I had a reluctant reader in my eldest son, until his older sister introduced him to the Screech Owl series – all about hockey – and he was hooked. It’s so satisfying to see the joy-of-reading switch get flicked on.

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