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As you can see, progress is coming along with the fair isle sweater.  I’m sure one of these days I’ll post something else.   I did have other projects in the works this week.  One of them was super secret, and is now out of my hands and delivered by the post man to its destination.  Actually it really isn’t super secret if I’m mentioning it.  I’m “foreshadowing.”  I know…sneaky.
I also finished the shorties from last week, and did an elephant embroidery on the bum.  I was going to do this big tutorial on how the embroidery is done on knitted pieces, and show off the cuteness, but I ended up running out of the house with it as I was planning on dropping it off with the customer during our errand day on Tuesday.  I totally forgot to take pictures of the finished product with all the other “remember not to forget” items going on in my head in the morning.  So you’ll all have to trust me that I finished it.

So it didn’t really feel like I worked a lot on this sweater, but as I counted the motifs, I realized that I got 4 1/2 rows of flowers completed and this week I’ll likely finish the back portion and move onto the other arm.  The arm is done in the round, so super fast!  Yeah!  Once the other arm is done the fair isle portion of the sweater is done and I expect it will go very quickly after that so you won’t have to endure seeing it for too many more Yarn Along posts.

Silje and I just finished reading The Apprentice together.  I must say, it is one of those books you cannot judge by it’s cover!  We both really enjoyed it!  As we’re moving into the Renaissance period in school, here’s a story about a painting apprentice who is bound to his master.  Not only did we learn about the apprenticeship process, and it was a really good mystery, but there was some amazingly deep thoughts in there about freedom, and what that is exactly.  Various characters throughout the book talk about their freedom or lack thereof.

What I loved most about this book was the natural discussion that Silje and I had afterward.  Normally when we talk about the book, I check her for basic comprehension.  Did she understand the facts, who was who, what happened, etc.  This time, we discussed the theme of freedom.

“Freedom isn’t about your circumstances, or your wealth, or even your position…(more thoughts that would be a terrible spoiler to those who want to read it)…  It’s about the peace in your heart.” is how Silje explained it to me.  It was my FIRST EVER literary discussion with Silje and this Lit. major wants to mark it on the calender.  As we discussed how this played out with each character…the apprentice, the boy kidnapped, the duke’s daughter, I just wanted to pinch myself.

I was actually planning to read this for the first time alongside Silje, but after she went up to bed on several occasions, I would read ahead because I just had to find out what happened.  (Knut sat next to me, tsk tsking.  He knows I have very little self control when it comes to books.)

In a nutshell, I’d recommend it.  Sonlight’s booklist is still knocking me over.


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    Fair Isle knitting is something I love to look at and but don’t think I’ll ever have the skills to tackle. I’m so impressed.

    I think I need to pull out the Sonlight catalog and look through that booklist.

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