I’m Blessed

I feel like I have nothing profound to say today.  I’ve gotten a lot of work done.  Some really good things happened this week.  Things are good right now.  I’m just not in the mood to spread sunshine everywhere.  It feels like I’m just shouting from the rooftops that life is fantastic like I’m this perpetual high and don’t you all wish you were too?

It’s Monday morning.  I’m tired, and there just does not seem to be enough coffee in my cup.  We had a very eventful weekend that resulted in Elias being basically potty trained (yes, you read that right!  Story to follow!), and Solveig having a big rash on her bum.

I have been knocking out knitting projects that have just needed finishing.  It’s so much fun when you “finish” 3 projects in an afternoon.   I’m started and am almost done with the final edit for the Buttercup diaper cover pattern.  This week for sure.  I cast on a new pattern idea, and I cleaned my sewing room so you can actually get in it.  Like, a big, deep clean.  I can actually sew again!…in theory.

Today I have to bring Knut, Silje and David to get their teeth cleaned and have a little check up.  I have to get some school done this morning, and I have to get Silje to piano lessons.  Wait…she’ll be getting her teeth cleaned.  Looks like I have to sort some things out.  Let the juggling begin.

This wasn’t intended to be my mental checklist, this is meant to be my refocusing on God this morning.  This is intended to push all that brain clutter aside and focus on how He has blessed me.  I so often miss it if I don’t.

I’m blessed:
-with a life abundant, yet filled with peace!
-with down time, with busy time.
-with smiley faced kiddos who clutter around me for hugs constantly.
-with dishes to clean.
-with freedom to raise our family in a way we choose.
-with exercise.
-with brownies and coffee for breakfast.

That’s all I got.

If you are also in need this morning of reflecting on God’s blessings, please join me!  How has God blessed you?  You can either leave a comment and/or a link to your own blog post on blessings.  Don’t forget to leave a link leading back to this blog in your own blog post, etc. etc. etc.

I love you guys.  I don’t say that enough, but I really enjoy writing these posts, and I get giddy knowing someone is reading them.  Thanks for reading.  It really is a blessing in my life too.


  1. says

    It’s always good to acknowledge God’s blessings and you seem to come across as being pretty balanced. :-) Brownies for breakfast sounds like a treat! Yum!

  2. Mom says

    It’s a good feeling when stuff gets done, especially when it has been backed up. Finishing a lot of things in one fell swoop brings so much more pleasure than a gradual finishing of a project sometimes. God is good!

  3. Anonymous says

    Thanks Gretchen for being real. I read your posts and know I am not alone in the craziness of parenting and trying to live a life for God. :) I’m so encouraged by your posts. Yes, brownies and coffee for breakfast are a great perk of being “grown up!” I think I ate 3 banana chocolate chip muffins today. 😉 The coffee is on its way at McD’s in attempts to get the kids energy run out! Blessings. ~Heather Krupa

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