Ski Lesson

 David really wanted to go skiing with someone yesterday, and he didn’t have to twist Elias’ arm too hard to convince him to come along.  David got Elias’ skis on all by himself.  He spent a lot of time trying to get Elias to hold his poles right, and poor Elias who still has trouble getting his thumb in the hole of his mitten had a tough time gripping it properly.

 After a few minutes of frustration, David finally realized that beginners don’t start with poles.  So he took Elias’ poles away and said he can work up to using them since he’s a beginner.  I coyly asked David why he got to use poles.
“Mommy…I’ve been skiing for 3 years.”  (eyeroll)
O.  Right.

 The sisters decided to cheer them on from the kitchen window.  Solveig loved watching them, and Silje loved holding her so she could watch.

 Elias was a bit unsure at first.  It took awhile to figure out how to move with  them on, and whenever they would glide, it would strike him off balance.

 David skied around the yard to show him how it was done.  After he sped around for about 10 minutes, he enticed Elias to leave the driveway and go off into the yard and loop around the playground, chicken coop, and come on back. 

Elias had fun, but was quick to get the skis off after their loop, and plow some snow with his metal tractor.

Just now as I write this, David is out for a quick after-breakfast-ski before his reading lesson will start.  There’s not much snow in our yard, but he won’t let any of it go to waste while we have it.  Elias is inside this time.  David said he’ll give him another lesson later.  For now he just wants to race fast for a few minutes.

He and Silje’s first official youth race is just a few weeks away, you know.  He’s in training now.
Just like Daddy.


  1. Anonymous says

    So when is the ski race? Can we come and watch? We have a cow bell here somewhere! I hope Solveig feels better soon!

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