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I may have mentioned that Solveig had a tough weekend.  For the most part, it was just that she had a small fever at night, and was sleepy and not feeling herself during the day.  We just brought her back from the doctor where she got some shots, and she just wasn’t herself.  Sunday morning I kept her home from church, and also discovered a new tooth had broken through.

So much for my progress in weaning.  I had gotten her down to 2 feedings a day, but Saturday and Sunday turned into marathon feedings where all she wanted to do was nurse and since it was the only thing that seemed to work in making her feel better, I just let her sit and nurse all day long.  The Tylenol just wasn’t doing it for her.

I’d like to get into my vaccine tangent.  I really would.  We’ll save that for another brave post.  Cliff notes and quick position: We do most vaccines.  We opt out of some.  I showed up at the clinic and there was 2 vaccines on the list that I knew nothing about (it seems that with each new kid of mine, there is a handful of new vaccines that go with them.  You know when I was a kid there was about 8 vaccines given to kids and now it’s over 30 and most are completely optional but are definitely not presented as such) and I felt rushed through the whole process and the older kids were being loud and I just said “go ahead and give them to her” and when I got home, I read through the papers they gave me after the fact (how’s that for informed consent?) and realized there was one I would have opted out of, and on top of that I HATE giving a baby 4 vaccines at once because it takes them a week at least to feel themselves.  I know better and was kicking myself for just taking the easy way out of the doctor’s office and not making the rushed doctor and noisy kids all sit there while I read the given information, and asked every question until I was satisfied.

I guess that wasn’t so short.

I’ve made new resolutions about how I’ll handle that situation in the future and I’m sure it won’t happen again.  I’m switching my kids doctor anyway, and I plan to call ahead and get the names of the recommended vaccines before I go so that I can look into them before we arrive.

Anyway, Solveig wasn’t herself when it comes to the energy and smiles.  When it came to cuteness, she was still knocking us over.

So Sunday morning while Knut took the other 3 to church, I snuggled Solveig at home.  She wouldn’t be put down for a second, but took about 4 cat naps that morning.  My arms got tired so I got out the ring sling that I used to use with Elias before I got the Ergo.  The Ergo is still my favorite carrier, but the ring sling is great for a snuggly baby in a ball.

On Monday she was much more herself, but has still been running a slight temp (right around 100 degrees) in the evening.  She’s also started carrying around our “Abby” doll.  Silje got her at a garage sale for $.25 a few years ago and carried it around forever.  David never showed interest in dolls, but Elias cared for it for a few months, though never carried it around, and now it’s Solveig’s favorite.  Who knew that a garage sale doll with markers drawings on the head, little-to-no stuffing left and clothes mislaid somewhere in the house would still be the favorite?

We have way cooler dolls, I promise.  Why we ever got the way cooler dolls, or still have the way cooler dolls I’ve yet to figure out.  Abby seems to be all we need.


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    Poor baby, I hope she feels better soon!
    It’s so hard to stay informed with all the information that we have to process.
    I don’t vaccinate at all, for a host of reasons (the main reason is major allergic reaction though) but I still have to stay on top of all the information about these vaccines because i’m asked everytime we go to the doctor if we would “like to vaccinate today”. (Even though they known for years about the allergic reaction..)
    Informed consent is pretty inconsistant :S

    So funny, we have toys like Abby around our house too. For the longest time, it was an old coffee maker. My boys cherished it, and treated it like a puppy. (go figure). They had all sorts of wonderful toys, but the coffee maker got their undivided attention!

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