School and Lots of Other Happenings

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much this week.  We’ve been on such a roll here at home that I’ve been pretty passed out at the end of the day.  So today’s long winded post is divided into sections for your reading comfort and ease.

We had such a solid week of school.  The last few weeks we’ve just been “getting by” in that department, and have fallen short of our personal family goals.  This last week was “game on” as we made leaps and bounds in several subjects.  I think the time off around Thanksgiving really rejuvenated all of us and we were ready to hit the books hard.


The chickens are alternating between 2 egg days, and 5 egg days.  This has been enough to sustain us so I don’t have to buy eggs at the store at this point, and that is pretty fun.  We’re starting talk of not letting the chickens out of their coop anymore as the temps are really dropping, and have cleaned out their little hut for the winter with a fresh layer of litter, so that’s done.

I really need to get on the Christmas cookie baking, and will hopefully conquer that a bit this afternoon.


We got our new curtains in the living room.  My 2 years of indecisiveness on that decision is done, so you all better say you like them.  I’m going to go to the big city next week to figure out some tie-backs for them.  I’m returning the ones in the kitchen as they turned out to be way more gray than they looked in the catalog.  So now in the kitchen we have 2 different kinds up at a time, in 24 hour intervals so we can see what they look like in daylight and nightlight.  So far number 2 and choice number 4 as choices are up as 1 and 3 have already been eliminated.  I’d show you a picture, but on that picture it looks like the exact same curtain.  That should tell me something. We’re stuck here, and I just need to pick one.  Seriously, I did not used to be this undecided and would just make gut decisions all the time. 

Adding to the list of “things we jam into our time when Knut is entering his off season” is I went to the dentist.  I was so nervous about going that I thought I was going to throw up that morning.  Since my pregnancy with David years ago, my gums have been falling apart and my teeth have gotten so sensitive and I get very concerned talks from dentists.  I was certain that I was going to get another “your teeth are really getting worse now, and you’re going to need to get a lot of work done.” and I’m not a very good dental patient.  I’d rather give birth again, ya know?

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised with “You’ve literally reversed your gum problems, although the sensitivity might be here to stay… you have no cavities or any other work that needs to be done, and just keep up with the good work.”  I was literally floored and nearly started crying there on the cushy electric chair.  It was my first good news regarding my mouth in 5 years.  I almost threw a party.

Elias at the Doctor and Fender Bender:
When I got home Knut told me Elias was sounding wheezy, and with his respiratory history we decided to bring him in that afternoon.  It turned out to be nasal, and not even enough to medicate.  We felt a bit silly, but it’s good to be cautious when there’s a history.  We got back in the van, and as I was pulling out of our parking spot, I noticed a little car.  So I stopped.  The car waved at me to go, I waved back that he had the right of way.  So he waved back to go so I figured he wanted my parking space.  So I started to back up, and wouldn’t you know I bumped him.  I got out and made sure he was ok.  He seemed casual about it.  We looked at our van.  Not a scratch.  We looked at his car.  He had a big dent over his rear wheel.  I asked if I did that.  He laughed and said, no, that was already there.  I did the scratch on the back door.  I squinted, and saw the little bump.

So I offered our insurance information.  We both had State Farm.  He said he didn’t think it was big enough to report, but we both agreed it’d be good to exchange information just in case.  I told Knut when I got home that I didn’t think he’d call.

So we were surprised to hear from our State Farm agent the next morning, saying a claim has been made, and she just needed to verify the information from me.  I told her the whole story.  She said the estimate to fix the scratch was $940 which freaked me out a little.  She told me that it’s covered under the liability on my insurance, and we didn’t owe a deductible or anything.  They said they’d take care of the whole claim and she just needed my side of the story on record and we didn’t need to do anything else.  Even though we don’t have to pay any out of pocket, I still feel a bit cheated by that guy for some reason.  I’m sure he’s getting his whole dingy car fixed for some reason, and I told our agent that.

Family Photo Shoot:
In other happenings, as part of my Christmas present, Knut let me hire a professional to get our family pictures done.  Last time we got family pictures, we only had 2 kids and I used a coupon for a free 8×10 and it was…awful.  But it’s on our wall, because it’s the only one we have, and I think at least Silje looks super cute in it.

So I got our friend, (and married to Knut’s relative…either a second or third cousin, or possibly a second and third cousin) to take the pictures.  Here’s some of her other amazing work.  I think she just keeps getting better and better over the last few years.  We’ve had other family members take family pictures for us, but it wasn’t a big hour long photo session like this, and I was so excited.

It was a bit tough because we were planning to take a bunch outside, but the wind was coming from the wrong direction that morning at our house, and it was crazy windy in our yard.  We ended up taking a bunch of indoor ones at Knut’s parent’s house where there’s some really good lighting.  Solveig was the only one who naturally smiled the whole time, and the other kids took turns being ornery.  I’m really, really hoping that she got a good shot.  If not, the one where Knut and I are yelling at the kids to sit down and smile and the kids are all crying may make the Christmas card this year.

Carpets Cleaned:

Directly after our photo shoot, we got a few of the carpets cleaned in our house.  The basement where all the kids’ toys are is pretty bare right now.  Ironically, it seems as though they could care less.  Then some friends of ours invited us over for supper and games, and that was lots of fun.

So today, I’ve got laundry to do, the playroom to put back together, and bake some Christmas cookies if there is time.  Knut is planning of working on the fireplace mantel all morning, and taking a quick roller-skiing jaunt this afternoon as the recent snow is already gone.

And that’s what’s happening here.  We’re crossing things off our list like crazy and it feels so good.


  1. says

    Looks like a good week all around!
    I like your curtains! You may miss not seeing the leaded glass in your windows though. :) We had some lovely windows when we lived in our 100 year old house….I ended up hanging the curtains below the stained designs….but then of course I had to hem the curtains. :( Looking forward to seeing the fireplace mantel!

  2. Mom says

    Carpets look wonderful. There’s nothing like have clean carpets. Looking forward to seeing the family pics as well. I’m so glad you getting things crossed off the list. That is such a good feeling for me, when I get things crossed off my list.

  3. says

    Just discovered your blog. We recently purchased 3 acres of land and are hoping to someday have enough animals, and a large garden to be self sufficient. I have a craft blog and hubby is hoping to start a blog about our future farm. My kids are still young but the idea of homeschooling has crossed our mind several times. I would love to hear what your thoughts are about it. Is it a lot of work? do you feel your kids learn more? Love your blog and I am now following you.


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