I’m Blessed-Giveaway Day

Normally on Monday’s I host an “I’m Blessed” blog party, and this week is no different in that aspect.  However, this week I’m also participating in the “Giveaway Day” with www.sewmamasew.com.  I absolutely love the resources on their blog and have been a very satisfied customer of theirs on more than one occasion.

So without further ado, let’s get to business.

Here’s the giveaway that I’m offering up.  This is only for you residents of the United States to keep shipping costs down.  I’m giving away 5 yards of the designer fabric from Timeless Treasures called “Apple.”

There is a yard of each fabric: brown swirls, brown owls, ivory owls, fun green vines, and multicolored apples.  This fabric is unwashed and new.  Along with these drool worthy fabrics, I’m including a brand new copy of Sewing Clothes Kids Love.

I’m giving this away because I have found it to be probably the most helpful sewing books I have ever, EVER bought.  It had so much practical information in there that I just have to share.  It has 10 full size patterns too, so it’s not too shabby.  Pictured here is my copy.  You can’t have that one.  I’ll be shipping you your own brand new copy straight from Amazon.

This contest will be a straight up drawing, and I’ll pick the random winner directly from the comment section and close the comment section next Friday and announce the winner.  So you have all week to get your comment in (but I recommend doing it as soon as you read this because if you’re like me remembering to enter a contest online gets pretty low on the priority list.)

To enter: leave a comment about how you are blessed.  It’s so easy to focus on the troubles in this world, and it’s so appropriate, especially in this season, to count our blessings.  Please leave your email address or some means of contacting you so that if you win I can get it to you.  I haven’t done too many giveaways, but I will say I’ve had to draw again on more than one occasion because I had no way of contacting the winner.  Don’t let that happen to you!

For those of you who do blog, and want to participate in the “I’m Blessed” event this week, be sure to click here to figure out how to link up, and make sure it’s a good fit for you and your blog.  The event thanks God for our blessings, and I want to keep it for those who do thank God.  So you do not get any extra credit or extra entries in the giveaway for participating in the blog carnival and “linking up.”  The giveaway drawing is strictly coming from the pool of comments, and no amount of following me or following God or having the illusion of following either will earn you a better chance at winning.  However, I love meeting other believers online and read all the links every week because it is so uplifting.  So feel free to link up if you like.

As for my blessings:

I’m blessed with my husband who makes me laugh sometimes until I cry.
I’m blessed with a relatively clean house after Solveig’s big birthday party yesterday.
I’m blessed with kids who remember how to play after I’ve pulled the plug on the t.v. last week.
I’m blessed with Christmas music that just touches my soul.
I’m blessed with friends who understand my crafting obsession and don’t judge.

To link up your blog with your (optional) I’m Blessed post, do that here, but be sure to read the directions/rules first here:


  1. says

    what a fantastic concept, the I’m Blessed! Well, here goes: I’m blessed because although I suffered a tragic and untimely loss this year, I have made it to my birthday alive, happy, and hopeful for the future. love those fabrics! And I’m going to have to find that book if I’m not lucky enough to win it! Looks AWESOME!!!

  2. says

    I’m blessed because my husband who has been out of work for a really long time has not let it defeat him and get him down. He keeps his head up and is finally ready to start a new career. Also this unfortunate unemployment has led to the blessing of having him around for our toddler everyday. She loves her daddy so much and we will both miss him being around 24/7, well I think I’m ready for a little break!

  3. says

    I love your last “blessing”….friends who understand my crafting obsession and don’t judge. :)
    Today I am blessed by so many things, but as I got up to tackle my Christmas card mailings, I am blessed by a daughter who has them all ready to send …. all I have to do is write the addresses on them.

  4. says

    Today I’m blessed to live 1 mile away from the car shop as it needs service and I walked home in the beautiful sunshine. I like to look for the little blessings each day :)

  5. says

    I always look forward to your Monday posts. This week I feel blessed by a new baby who is finally healthy after scary apnea issues. Also blessed by Christmas preparations that include time with friends. And by a husband who pitches in sand supports me. And by finding a lovely older gentleman who can fix my ancient sewing machine!

  6. says

    I’m blessed because God has given me three children who are healthy and happy. And I’m even more blessed because he gave me these children after I was told for years I was infertile.

  7. says

    I haven’t linked up in awhile… it’s not because I’m not blessed.. OH BOY am I. Just because 2 of my blessings keep my very busy :) I am blessed to have a husband that cleaned the entire downstairs of my house when I went on a girls night out for the first time in years. I am blessed to have a husband that is so creative he could make two gorgeous toddler beds for under the price of one cheap toddler bed. I am blessed to have two very active sweet sensitive toddlers… that say excuse me and please and thank you. I am blessed that I am feeling well during this pregnancy. I could keep going… but if I were to do that I mine as well link up :)
    What an awesome give away!! I would love that book :) I’ve got to peek at your copy before and pretty much left drool stains on it.

  8. Julie-jkbihn@aol.com says

    Hello! I found your blog a while ago and love your I’m Blessed posts. I, too, am blessed with a wonderful husband and 4 beautiful and healthy children, 2 girls and 2 boys all under age 6. I am blessed to live near our loving family who spoil our children. I am blessed with supportive homeschooling friends one of whom would love the book in your give away. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all to note our many blessings!

  9. johnsbeachgirl says

    I am soooo very blessed. To name just a very few today:

    I am blessed that it is Christmas again and we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

    I am blessed with a miracle son who is healthy & happy and a delight to all of those who encounter him.

    I am blessed with a husband I adore and who is quick to help and take care of me. Who reminds me to rest and says, “I’ll take care of it,” or “it can wait.”

    I am blessed to have both my parents and my husband’s parents alive and able to speak into our lives. (They are all in their 80’s and I so don’t take this for granted.)

    I am blessed with work.

    I am blessed.

    (and hoping I win this giveaway. 2012 is the year of crafting in our home. I declare it. ;-D )


  10. says

    I love this idea! Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for my blessings. A husband who loves me no matter what, 5 grown kids with associated grandkids who are loving,hard-working, and happy (I hope!) Food, shelter, friends… the list goes on…

  11. says

    I am blessed with three girls to sew for. I am blessed to have married the love of my life. I am blessed to know and serve the Creator of the universe. Merry Christmas!

  12. says

    I am blessed to have a beautiful, smart, and independent (newly!) 3 year old daughter and a baby-to-be-born due in April. And a wonderful husband who I can never thank or love enough.
    thank you for the giveaway. I’ve got a small stash of that fabric that I was contemplating using for the new baby’s nursery.

  13. says

    I am blessed in innumerable ways. The greatest blessing I am happy for right now is that we found out our daughter currently only has partial hearing loss instead of being deaf. And there is a possibility that it could continue to improve :)

  14. says

    I am blessed to have a personal relationship with God. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband, three beautiful children, my parents, my sisters and all my other extended family and friends.

  15. says

    I’m blessed that I have good friends. I’m blessed that I have a family that really loves each other. I’m blessed that I have a husband that loves me. I’m blessed that I have a step-daughter whose mother allows her to be a part of our lives. I’m blessed to have a job that allows me to work from home. I’m blessed that I have a warm house with new windows.

  16. says

    I’m blessed because I am still alive after blood clots in my lungs, chest tubes, surgeries, miscarriage, and three C-sections. I’m blessed because I have failed and failed and been given the opportunities to try again and succeed. I’m blessed because I’ve been adopted into God’s family without reproach. I’m blessed because I’ve been given a husband to share life with, and three children to love on. I’m blessed!

  17. says

    I’m blessed because God has taken care of us through some very rough patches. We’re here, we’re together, we’re healthy, and we’re loved.

  18. says

    Fantastic giveaway! I actually do Gratitude Fridays on my own blog. It’s a reminder to myself about the things I need to be grateful for, instead of complaining. This past week I was (and still am) grateful for my husband that works so I can be home with my children. I know not many families can make that work.

  19. says

    I’m blessed to be expecting our 4th child even though we’ve had some difficult pregnancies in the past. Seems everyone these days thinks a 4th child is a burden, but we totally see him as a blessing!

    Those fabrics are adorable, and the book looks wonderful! I’m sure my oldest daughter (age 6) will love to look through those pages to find something for me to make her if I win. Thanks for the chance!

  20. says

    I am blessed by reading your blog each week and being reminded how blessed I am in the little things that I take for granted.
    I am also blessed with 3 healthy girls that we have the priviledge of raising to know and love the Lord.
    p.s. I have had my eye on that book for quite a while. Thank you for the chance of winning it!!

  21. says

    Awe, I’m glad I found your blog! I blog at amkreations.blogspot.com and you’re welcome to pop over too.

    I’m blessed in so many ways. I have everything I need and so much more. I’ve been taken care of by a loving Father. My husband is a wonderful godly man, leading his family by example. I have two beautiful children…with many gifts and talents and I can go on and on….but I’ll have to save that for a blog post…maybe tonight or tomorrow…it’s almost time for those kids to get home from school. =)

    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway! God bless!

  22. says

    I’m so fortunate to have my family and friends. Really, what it all boils down to, is having people in your life who love you, and accept you as you are, and I have that in spades.

  23. says

    I am so blessed with friends like you, Gretchen !

    I am blessed with a brand new bitty nephew.

    I’m blessed wtih a husband who fully supports the life we live and the decisions I make. I forget how awesome he is about that.

    I am blessed that we’ve had a really healthy year.

    I’m blessed that my sister-in-law and both nieces have been baptized this year !

  24. says

    I’m blessed with a wonderful fmaily, a husband that understands my needs to create, son that has grown into such a wonderful young man and a daughter that never stops suprising me with her creativity.

  25. says

    What a great idea!
    I am blessed because I have family and friends I can count on during economic hard times. Finding a job after college has been crazy, but I have wonderful people in my life who have made getting by easier!

    jordann.m.hall [at] gmail.com

  26. says

    What an amazing giveaway! I am sooo blessed to have a relationship with Christ my Savior, to have a great hubby who loves me so much, to have 2 beautiful, healthy growing daughters, to have lots of great friends, to have a home that provides for our needs … I could go on! I am truly so, so blessed!
    kathy k

  27. says

    I’m blessed to have a happy, healthy baby girl and an incredible husband…to have a job where I get to help people….and a roof over my head and food to eat. God is so good! Thanks for the chance!

  28. says

    I’m blessed with two adult sons who make me proud with all they have accomplished. I am blessed that my husband is finally has hope of regaining his health after years of questions. Hope is an amazing thing. I hope I win your giveaway! Thank for the chance.

  29. says

    Love it! I am abundantly blessed with an amazing family! And also the ability to create with my hands. I can’t imagine my life without either!

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway! :)

  30. says

    I feel blessed to have the privilege of carving out a little time to myself every day. When my son is napping, it makes me happy to sew, read, write, or do some other quiet activity, and I am grateful to have that time.

    Thank you – not only for offering such a generous giveaway, but also for the important reminder to pause and consider my blessings!

    Happy Holidays!

  31. says

    I am very blessed – I have a wonderful daughter who I adore, an awesome husband, a very close extended family, great friends and I job I actually like.

  32. says

    I live the I’m blessed concept every day. In spite of the troubles that find their way to you, it is so helpful to stand back and count your blessings. My biggest blessing this year was being sort of/not really/laid off from my job. I have loved working only 3 days a week instead of 6 (USPS). I have had time to really get into my creativity and grow my etsy store and generally grow as a person. I always feel God only throws you enough curve balls to catch.

    Cool giveaway, please enter mine:

  33. says

    I am blessed to have two extremely wonderful and healthy children and a husband who cares enough about all of us to allow me to be home with them. I also have great cats! 😀

  34. says

    Love this!! I am blessed with generous parents and inlaws. I am blessed with happy children that love their Creator. I am blessed with a husband that adores me. I am blessed with a house and a car. I am blessed with great friends, they pray for me. I am blessed with a daughter safe in the arms of Jesus.

  35. says

    i’m blessed with a dedicated husband who never stops working to make our lives better, and i’m blessed with four beautiful children who tell me they love me every day. merry christmas, and thanks!

  36. says

    i am blessed to have a loving family (all boys!!!) and a friend in god. like it says in james, draw close to god and he will draw close to you. i just keep asking for holy spirit so that i may be blessed to show the fruitage of that spirit, kindness, love, mercy, patience, goodness, joy, ahhh thank you father in heaven

    rubberduckywon at gmail com

  37. says

    I’m blessed to have a loving family that includes two beautiful daughters and a handsome husband. I’m blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom, and to have the crafting ability to make cute presents for my girls for Christmas.

  38. says

    I’m blessed that my parents were so kind, and replaced our broken washing machine this week. We have 4 kids, so it was really a crisis!
    carrie dot hare at gmail dot com

  39. says

    I’m blessed by our wonderful church family. The caring, fellowship and friendship is what a “family” is all about and we are a “family” in Christ.

  40. says

    I am blessed in so many ways this year, especially when seeing how tough times are for a lot of people. We are blessed the most by the health of our family and friends. It’s something we take for granted and I need to take time to be more thankful for it. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  41. says

    I am blessed by having an almost 81 yo mother who takes care of me when have my terrible health days (like today which is why I am on the computer). She is my example of a good Christian woman who gives to others. We are blessed with food on the table, a bed to sleep in, and loving family.

  42. says

    Thank you for making me stop and think for a minute about how blessed I am. My family is healthy, warm, well-fed, and happy.

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  43. says

    Today I have been blessed to have a day at home with my youngest, baking cookies, making paper snowflakes, watching a movie together. I treasure days like this! sarah at frogcreekcottage dot com

  44. says

    I could count my blessings all day every day and never find an end to the list. I am blessed with a loving husband and 5 healthy kids, a warm home, food in our bellies, a wonderful church family, speical friends, and eternal life through my savior, Jesus Christ!

  45. says

    I’m blessed to be able to stay home with my kids as they grow. Somedays I forget, so thank you for reminding me what a wonderful life I am able to have.

  46. says

    This is great. I am blessed:
    With a husband who puts up with me
    with a wonderful daughter
    with a mother
    with two sons
    with eight wonderful grandchildren
    with a job
    with a home
    with a great brother and sister in law
    with a hobby I love.

  47. says

    I’m very blessed to have a husband who makes enough to support us (even in these troubled economic times) while I get to stay home with the kiddos. Some days are difficult and I daydream about going back to work, but I feel blessed that I don’t have to.

  48. says

    First, I have to say that I love the idea behind “I’m Blessed” Very nice!

    Second, AMAZING giveaway!

    And last, but not least, I am blessed with an amazing family! The kind that are truly there for you when you need them! I am blessed in so many ways, I can’t count. But this one always seems to be at the top of my list!

    mygigglymonkey (at) aol (dot) com

  49. says

    I’m blessed because even though I had a very successful job and could have “moved up the ladder” quickly, I left to be a stay at home mom and my husband supports my decision. It’s such a blessing, beyond a blessing, to be able to stay home and just soak in everything my daughter throws at me.
    Great post. :)

  50. Anonymous says

    I am blessed by a new job, a fantastic husband, healing, and kids that are so easy to love. Today they surprised me with a “sneak attack of love.” I am soooo blessed.

    dfrazzled {at} gmail {dot} com

    Merry Christmas and thank you for the giveaway!

  51. says

    I blessed with a husband who cherishes me, who adores his children and want to raise them up. I am blessed with a daughter who has a love for reading and a son with the most compassionate heart I have ever known. I am blessed with a healthy, so far, high risk pregnancy. God is good and even if I did not have all these blessings, God is still good.

  52. says

    I am blessed with a wonderful husband I have been with for 17 years. Exactly half my life. I am also blessed with a beautiful, amazing son named Blaze whom we tried to have for 12 years.

  53. says

    oh my. i am so very blessed. i am blessed with a very hard working man, which because of his hard work i am able to stay home with our 6 children. we have a home, we have enough to eat, we all have our health and we have an amazingly wonderful homeschooling community. and every single day i have time to knit! :)

  54. says

    I am blessed b/c I have a loving husband who provides for me. I am blessed b/c I have a savior who died for me. I am blessed to sit all day and visit all of these blogs and enter give aways. I am blessed to have a working sewing machine and new rotary cutter blades. Too much blessing to contain.

    skowens (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  55. says

    I am blessed that I have health insurance to help with the medical expenses that have piled up this year, a job that has let me be on leave of absence for 10 months and counthing, that I paid to have long term disability insurance, that my remaining children are healthy and happy, that my mom is healthy, that knitting has helped me maintain what little sanity I have.

  56. says

    I’m blessed with a husband I love more 18 years in.
    I’m blessed to be forty with a baby.
    I’m blessed to be home with all 6 of my children.
    I’m blessed to have a warm cozy house.

  57. says

    What a wonderful giveaway…that book looks amazing! I like to sew, but need something to get me really going.
    I’m blessed to have 2 chickens…and one is now laying eggs!

  58. Betsy betsy1963@gmail.com says

    I’m blessed in too many ways to list, but just being able to recognize that I am blessed is, in itself, the greatest blessing for me.

    Thanks for your generosity and the chance to win!

  59. says

    I’m blessed with health, a wonderful husband of 47 years, and enough money to live comfortably. My husband puts up graciously with my quilting/fabric/thread addiction, so what more could I ask for?
    I try to reciprocate by making a lot of community quilts for our guild so that those in pain or need can have a warm quilt to wrap up in. One of our recipients called them “quilts of love.”

  60. says

    I’m blessed with two great kids and a wonderful husband. We have a home to keep us warm and vehicles to get us around. We have ways of communicating with those we love far away. That is truly a great blessing.

  61. says

    I am blessed with 4 beautiful, healthy children who love me despite my mommy mistakes and make my life ever so joyful. :)
    thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  62. says

    I’m blessed to have a great husband and 3 wonderful kids. We’re also blessed to have both my parents and in-laws live close and glad to help with the kids and house projects. :)

  63. says

    I love this idea! What a great giveaway! Lets see…
    I am blessed to have a husband who, after 8 years, still wants to be with me as much as he did on the first date.
    I am blessed to have a 5yr old dog who, I feel, loves me more every day.
    I am blessed to have been able to spend 29 years with 2 grandfathers who both passed away this month.
    I am blessed to be healthy, be able to pay my bills every month, and most importantly to be happy.
    Is it bad that I could keep going…lol :-)
    mugirl113 at gmail dot com

  64. says

    I’m blessed in so many ways! I have a stable job that supports me and my home. My family is healthy and happy. I have a great little pug that I love to pieces!

  65. says

    I am blessed with amazing friends and family who support my decision to go to school to be come a veterinarian. I am also blessed with some pretty neat pets who make my life sunny and bright.

  66. says

    Great question! I’m blessed to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I’m blessed with a family who loves me – including 5 wonderful kids. I’m blessed to have a pediatrician who is knowledgable and is helping our littlest new blessing deal with some health issues. I could go on forever about how blessed I am. Thanks for the reminder to focus on that!

  67. says

    Wow! I’d be really, really blessed if I won your giveaway. But I am blessed to have a wonderful husband, two great sons, and a great extended family. I can not think of anything I’m not thankful for.

  68. says

    I saw your link on Ginny’s yarn along :-)
    Today I’m blessed because my kids are happy and heathy, my hubby just finished his finals and now we’re ready for Christmas break and I’m blessed because I get to have my family from out of state at my house Christmas!

  69. says

    So many blessings…a great God who loves me dearly, a husband who is so gentle and patient with me, 4 dear sons, plenty of food, a warm house, a sewing machine, the greatest friends a person could ever have, a computer, phone, skype and other such things that help to be able to keep in touch with so many dear people around the world…really I could go on and on, we are so blessed!

  70. says

    I love that you are pointing out that counting our blessings is an important part of the holidays! I am blessed to have a wonderfully supportive husband and a beautiful son who I love more each day.

  71. says

    I’m blessed to live close to my family, to not work by choice, to have enough food to eat, and to be in good health. Thank you for a lovely giveaway. kcarlson1152[at]hotmail.com

  72. says

    What a wonderful idea! I am blessed with a husband who doesn’t mind my obsession with quilting/blogging and he is a wonderful cook! Thanks for a great giveaway

  73. says

    Love those fabrics – and the idea for these comments.
    I’m blessed that I’ve been able to get such a great education. I’m blessed because I have a family, friends, and a fantastic fiance who love me. Even though I’m super stressed out about final exams right now, I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

  74. says

    Wonderful giveaway! I love the name of your blog too! Adding your blog to my reader.

    My blessings are so many. A wonderful husband and son, parents nearby, good health for everyone I care about. My husband and I both have decent jobs with benefits which provide enough money for all our needs and some wants. I know many creative people who fuel and encourage me, and have time for creating. And more and more!

  75. says

    OWLS!!!!! I can’t tell you how happy owls make me!! But that is not how I am blessed. I am blessed beyond words. I have the most amazing family. Two wonderful children, an amazing husband, and a new granddaughter, and one gracious Lord & Saviour. Seriously there are not words to describe how blessed I am. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  76. says

    What beautiful fabric! I’ve also linked up my I’m Blessed post (it said to comment after linking). Thanks for the giveaway and hosting the link. I enjoy your blog a lot! :-)

    I had forgotten to put my blessing so I deleted my comment above! I’m blessed because God has given me a wonderful family! Both extended and immediate!

  77. says

    I was thinking about this the other day.
    I have a great husband(#2)
    Two smart and beautiful daughters
    6 grandbabies
    My mother is still alive
    A house
    A job
    All the toys I need to play with
    These are just the basics – I could probably make this list a lot longer. It’s amazing what we have and sometimes don’t see

  78. says

    Blessed to have two healthy little boys (and a healthy big boy, ahem, husband) and a roof over our heads! christina112358 at gmail dot com

  79. says

    i am blessed to have a family that is helping me to return to school at the age of 42…and to have my sister stay with me for 4 straight months while she was job transitioning…that was a real blessing…we have not been able to spend that much time together since we were teenagers…so much love and fun!
    thank you for a wonderful offer!

  80. says

    I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who cooks and makes me laugh.
    I am blessed to have five healthy children; four are girls.
    I am blessed to be able to stay at home.
    I am blessed to be able to homeschool.
    I am blessed to be expecting another blessing in June.

  81. says

    I’m blessed because I have the two sweetest little boys and the most wonderful husband in the world.

    Thanks for the giveaway; I am dying to win! I will definitely pin your blog so I can come back and spend some more time here!

  82. says

    I’m blessed daily anew.
    Today it’s:
    the end of a semester of school
    one job nearly complete
    shopping done, so now can concentrate, on Jesus’ birthday, family and relaxing.

  83. says

    I’m blessed with good health, a strong marriage, a teenage step-son who is getting good grades and growing into a young man I enjoy to be around (most of the time – he is 13, after all!), and our baby girl who was born healthy and is growing like a weed. In other words, I am VERY blessed!

  84. says

    i’m blessed that my son is finally home for good from iraq, and is going to be spending Christmas with us. i’m blessed that my dauhgter and son-in-law live only 6 blocks away so i am able to see my two grandchildren easily. i’m blessed to have been married to my best friend for 31+ years. but mostly i’m blessed because of my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ.

  85. says

    as a social worker I know I am blessed simply because I can cover everything I need to cover and not struggle for basics.. thanks for a great giveaway!

  86. says

    I am blessed with a home and food. I am blessed with 4 young adults who are my family. I am blessed with a wonderful church family and friends.

  87. says

    I am blessed to have six healthy grandchildren.
    I am blessed to have the best daughter in the world.
    I am blessed that my youngest son who was not supposed to live is now 22 and living on his own.
    I am blessed to have the very best friend in the world who has helped me make it through this very difficult year.
    I am blessed to have found this opportunity to remember what I have to be grateful for.

  88. says

    I am blessed that I have a family that can stand my nagging while I’m unemployed. Very grateful!

    Those little owls are adorable. Cute fabric.


  89. says

    I am blessed to have two amazing, incorrigible, brilliant daughters.

    I am blessed to be married to my best friend who puts up with all my nonsense.

    I am blessed to have an extra best friend – my sister – who I will be giving this book to if I win.

  90. says

    I am soo blessed, and couldn’t possibly tell you all the ways, but here are a few: I have been blessed from birth with a fabulous family from top to bottom! I love them all and even like them most days (wink). I can see and hear and smell and taste, yes, I taste too much, but that’s a different story! I am blessed with a wonderful place to live, great food to eat, I’m warm, dry, safe, and loved. There is so much more, but that is the basics, and yes, all the praise and glory go to God from whom ALL blessings flow! Merry Christmas, and thank you for the giveaway.

  91. says

    Earlier this week I was wishing we could get our BIL home for Christmas. He has been in a hospital in another state following surgery. He has been in the ICU for 5 weeks and finally last week was moved to not as intensive care ward. We are truly blessed because he began to make major health strides, the doctor said he might be able to come home by ambulance (10 hour trip) and we were able to arrange for a private plane to go get him. My hubby was able to accompany him home and he is safe in a care center here. he lost 50 lbs and is still healing but he’s where family is and we are so grateful.

  92. says

    What a lovely idea. I am blessed to have a roof over my head, food on the table (or at least in the fridge), a job that I enjoy doing, and family and friends whom I love.

  93. says

    I’m blessed to have two wonderful children who despite ongoing health issues are doing really well right now. We’re praying for healthy ears in 2012!

  94. says

    I’m blessed because I have a husband who loves me for me, I have six healthy beautiful children, I am breathing with no help from a machine, I am not in the hospital, I have a car that works, a church family that supports me, … wow thanks for this question. What a great reminder of how blessed we really are.

  95. says

    Count your blessings not your sheep. I am blessed everyday. I have a wonderful family and it is my kids who keep me grounded. They are the ones excited about an awesome sunset (Grandma’s painting in heaven again mom!), the ones who giggle at the giant caterpillar trying to make its way across our path and the ones who just want to cuddle and love on you. Thanks for reminding us all that it is about blessings not things. Have a wonderful holiday.

  96. says

    Well, after two very challenging pregnancies I have been blessed with two beautiful healthy little girls. Thank you for giving me the reminder to reflect and be thankful!

  97. says

    I am blessed because I am alive and I have 2 amazing children, and a husband who loves me. Last year at this time I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with our daughter and the doctors didn’t expect either or us to live. The fact that we are both here and relatively healthy is the biggest blessing I could ask for.

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