I’m Blessed

Happy Monday!
…or at least we hope it will be soon!

I’m taking yet another one of my kids (David) to the doctors this morning for a continuous fever and bad cough.  I expect another diagnosis of bronchitis, and another prescription.  In view of these circumstances, I’m thankful that we have access to medical care, and modern medicine.  In addition, I’m grateful this corresponds with a monthly event where the 2 littles get to have a day of play at a local church while I run errands with the school aged kids.  Of course, this isn’t the errand morning I was planning for, but it does mean a doctors visit without the baby and toddler.  I’m sure you have some idea what I could possibly mean what peaceful bliss it is to be in a waiting room without those babes.

I’m thankful for my family perhaps more than usual.  Whenever I come to this post every week, I have to stop myself from going on and on about my family even though many days I hide from them, get overstimulated by them, or run from the house.  It’s easy for those little ones and the husband to be the object of complaint so often.  However, when I reflect on what I’m thankful for, they always go straight to the top without hesitation.

I’m thankful for a steady, though still small, supply of eggs.

The white one is actually a pale blue, which is tough to tell from the photo.  It’s just so pretty in real life.  The second one from the bottom is a bit smaller than the other, and I’m wondering if this egg is another “first egg” from a new layer, but there’s no real way for me to know.
I’ll have to get a picture of the new pale blue shade we just started getting.  I’ll add it to this post later today if I ever make it home and have 2 moments put together.  If you never see the picture today, well…I maybe could use a prayer of patience.

I’m blessed with a steady rhythm of sleep that’s covered our house.  Solveig doesn’t get up at night as often.  The kids get up early, but not in the middle of the night anymore.  Knut’s comings and goings no longer stir us.  We’re starting to adjust to daylight saving.  I’m starting to remember what it feels like to have normal sleep patterns.

I’m blessed to see so many opportunities for our kids.  Whether it’s music lessons, horse back riding with friends, endless resources of books and music at the library, raising chickens, playing fetch with the dog, knowing their great-grandparents well…I’m amazed at their life…my life.

If you’d like to count your blessings with me.  Whether it’s specific or general, we should “Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name” as my class talked about in Sunday school yesterday.  It’s not just about the season.  It’s about today, right now, in this moment.  Leave a comment, or I’d love to see a link to your blog (be sure to link back to this blog in your post) with your post on blessings/ how God has blessed you.


  1. Mom says

    I’m glad that my daughter feels she’s back to normal sleep patterns as she writes her post at 12:02 AM. :) Just kidding! I’m so thankful for a grandson (David) who loves to call his Grammy, even though he’s so sick and coughing like crazy. I pray for a successful doctor’s visit. I’m blessed by wonderful praise songs that are tools to help us lift up the name of our Lord!

  2. says

    Praying that David feels better soon!

    I am blessed with life. I would write it on my blog but I’m not sure I could read about it on there, too emotional right now! I am blessed by the godly witnesses of people who were in my life for a season and continued to be faithful witnesses to everyone they encountered. I am thankful that heaven is a real place and that we have the promise of heaven as long as we are believers when we die.

  3. says

    I’m a little jealous of those gorgeous eggs. I showed my husband the pictures and pointed out the blue egg. He asked, as if completely serious, “Robin’s egg?”

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